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Katarinains # 11: All you need to know about the matches of the 11th and final round of the first round | The Catarinains Championship

The first stage of the Santa Catarina Championships ends on Wednesday. Six matches will be scheduled, at 9:30 pm (Brasilia time), the last two ranked matches and are relegated. ChapquencyAnd the BruskAnd the HawaiiAnd the JuventusAnd the prosperous e Marcelio Dias Guaranteed in the quarter-finals, and Join Phil Has a chance to move forward, and FigiencyAnd the ConcordAnd the Hercilio LuzAnd the Criclewood e Governorate At risk of falling off.

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Boss, Xavi receives the metro at Arena Conda. In Augusto Bauer, the deputy captain faces Prospera, while Avai visits third-placed Crici Cma at Heriberto Hülse. In Jaragua do Sol there are Juventus and Concordia. Hercílio Luz x Joinville will be held in Tubarão, and will face Figueirense and Marcílio Dias in Orlando Scarpelli, with a live and free broadcast in Santa Catarina.

Chapecoense x Metropolitano – 9:30 pm

Guaranteed to drive, Chapquency He tried to win again at the end of the first stage. a Verdau de Oeste comes after his draw with Marcelio Dias and is still under assistant Felipe Andres, as the new coach is expected to be Mozart tomorrow, Thursday, in Chapeco. In the quarter-finals, the opponent will be eighth.

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a Governorate He is the state lantern, with only six points, after being 3 to 3 against Juventus. Metrô needs to defeat Chape and still need Criciúma and Hercílio Luz, who play as coaches, to be defeated by Avaí and Joinville, respectively. If these results happen simultaneously, Blumenau’s team avoids relegation.

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  • SweetenedKunda, Arena, Chapico.
  • At present: Ge Santa Catarina (Click here to continue).
  • Controller: William Machado Stephen whistled at the match and Claire Dabur and Mauro Ricardo Oliveira will fill Alves as assistants.

Conda Arena welcomes Chape x Metrô – Photo: Eduardo Florão / ge

Prosec x Prosper – 21:30

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a prosperous It is also confirmed in the next stage, but the team led by Paolo Bayer aims to occupy the top four, thus making a key decision in the playoff game. The spot was secured with a 1–0 victory over Figuerense.

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  • Sweetened: Augusto Power Stadium in Brusk.
  • At present: GE Santa Catarina (Click here to continue).
  • Controller: Gunnar Welsh whistled the match and Johnny Barros de Oliveira and Andre Eduardo da Silveira would act as assistants.

Brusque X Prosper will be at Augusto Bauer – Photo: Carlos Rauen / NSC TV

Criciúma x Avaí – 9:30 pm

a Criclewood He is the penultimate place holder, with eight points, and comes from a goalless draw against Concordia. In addition to winning, Tigre backs the stumble of Hercilio Luz, Concordia or Figuerense, who face Joinville, Juventus and Marcelo Dias respectively. If there is a tie, the durability can be assured by defeating Hercilio to the JEC, but as long as the Metropolitano does not win Chape by three or more goals.

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a Hawaii She is looking for second place, which is Brusque at the moment. The difference between them is one point (18 to 19). Coach Claudini Oliveira lost two losses due to suspension: full-back Eori and striker Getulio. The German defender returns after knocking out in a 2–0 win over Hercilio Luz.

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  • Sweetened: Heriberto Hülse Stadium, in Criciúma.
  • At present: GE Santa Catarina (Click here to continue).
  • Controller: Raphael Tracy whistle on the match and he will hire Hilton Nunes and Thiago Americano Labs as assistants.

Hercílio Luz x Joinville – 9:30 pm

a Hercilio Luz It comes from five matches without a win, the last of which was a 2–0 loss by Avai. With nine points, the team is training temporarily by Tom Soares and needs to beat the JEC, plus cheering against Concordia and Figuerence, to reach the quarter-finals. However, the southern lion still runs the risk of being demoted. In order not to return to the second division, they need a win or a draw, as long as Crecioma and Metropolitano lose. Defender Rodolfo Mall returns after serving suspension.

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a Join Phil They are still fighting for the ranking in the quarter-finals. With 13 points, the JEC is seventh and only needs a draw to advance to the next stage. The defeat could continue as long as Figuirense and Concordia do not win their games against Marcelio Dias and Hercílio Luz, respectively. Coach Vinicius Itropio does not have left-back Vinicius Freitas, who was sent off in a goalless draw against Brusque.

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  • Sweetened: Anibal Costa Stadium in Tobarao.
  • At present: GE Santa Catarina (Click here to continue).
  • Controller: Fernando Enrique de Medeiros Miranda whistles the match, and Clipper Lucio Gill and Ider Alexander will be assistants.

Hercílio Luz x JEC will be in Aníbal Costa Stadium – Photo: Hercílio Luz / Disclosure

Juventus – Concordia – 9:30 pm

a Juventus He seeks to make a key decision in the quarter-finals. With 15 points, Molek Traviso is fourth and comes after his draw with Metropolitano. Winning, the Pingo team guarantees the advantage. In the event of a tie or defeat, you will have to fight Prosper, Marlio Dias and Joinville. Left-back coach Cesinia and striker Fabinho will not be suspended.

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a Concord He has 10 points and is ninth, but he is two points away from the relegation zone. If he loses, Galo do Oeste needs to dry up Hercílio Luz and Criciúma to keep him from collapsing. Should he win, you have to hope that Figuerense does not defeat Marcelio Dias to secure himself in the quarter-finals. Emerson Chris’s side comes from a goalless draw against Crecioma and will not have midfielder Warley suspended, but has the comeback of striker Vinicius.

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  • Sweetened: Joao Mercato Stadium, in Garagua do Sol.
  • At present: GE Santa Catarina (Click here to continue).
  • Controller: Rodrigo Delonso Ferrera whistled the match with Alex dos Santos and Henrique New Ribeiro as assistants.

Joao Mercato Stadium hosts Juventus and Concordia – Photo: Luana Lemke / Juventus

Figueirense x Marcílio Dias – 9:30 pm

a Figiency Need to win to secure the ranking in the quarter-finals, where he remained with 10 points and eighth after losing 1-0 to Prosper. Alvinegro leads even with a draw or defeat, as long as Concordia, Hercilio Luz and Crichima lose. However, the setback Marcelio Dias faces could cause relegation if the Gallo de Oeste tie, Hercilio Luz and Crichima win. Coach Jorginho has the Khevin wheel at his disposal again.

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a Marcelio Dias It is more of a team with a focus on fourth place and the advantage of decision-making as fundamental to the next stage. With 14 points, Mariner comes from a 2–2 draw with Chapecoense and needs a win and rooting for Juventus and Prospero to stumble against Concordia and Brusky, respectively. Teco has no comment due to the comment.

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  • Sweetened: Orlando Scarbelly, in Florianópolis.
  • flow: Ge Santa Catarina (Click here to watch the live broadcast, for free).
  • Controller: Diego da Costa Cedral blew the match whistle and Diogo Berndt and Hector Andrew Lisbon will play Jack as assistants.

Figuerense x Marcelio Dias will be in Orlando Scarbelly – Photo: Marcelo Sequeira / NSC