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After the match, the depressed participants trust

The race at “Beijing Express” is still going on, and the various teams on the list are doing their best. But now away from the podium, the disqualified candidates are back on their adventure, and they have revealed how difficult they are to be eliminated.

Tuesday 20 April 2021, M6 will broadcast a new episode of the great adventure program “Beijing Express”.

If only a few teams remain in this race, which is already nearing its end. However, not all the disbursed teams had an enjoyable time to leave.

Zoom in on what the Eliminated Adventurers discover, and Zoom in on their return to reality.

Big trick

He formed the duo of brothers in adventure, Pierre Louis and his brother Arnault, aged 26 and 24. While they had started well in their race, they were eliminated at the semifinals door.

In an interview, Pierre Louis explained that their departure was one of their biggest disappointments Will live.

“It was our biggest disappointment ever.”

They still have hope

What you may not know is that eliminated teams must stay with production an extra step, if abandoned, before returning to France. As a result, Jenny, another candidate who has been disqualified, says remaining in office can provide a lot of hope. She says it is an unexpected opportunity, although in this case you have to rely on failure. From another team.

“We didn’t want to go bad with other couples, but with Covid, we told ourselves that someone else could be touched and arrested quickly. So we were hoping until the end.”

Slight depression

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When the brothers returned, they were surprised to find imprisonment. Although they were happy to be reunited with their families, ancient adventurers were It was a big shock.

“Psychologically, it wasn’t easy because nobody shares what we experienced … Honestly when I left Monday morning for work and was alone in my car, I was suffering from slight depression.”

For all of them, getting back to reality wasn’t easy. However, little by little, they are able to move forward and are proud to participate in the program.

There may also be unforeseen circumstances during filming. Zoom in on this accident, which forced Jonathan and Aurore To get out of the game.