August 17, 2022


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Pontivy: On tennis, in search of “a complete, varied and powerful game, with no major obvious weaknesses”

Frontal kick by Estelle Le Clair, the tennis lady from Pontivy (Morbihan). (© Pontivy Magazine Archives)

Second part we’ve got a series On the Technical gestures in sport, With Log Kérébel, The club’s general coach Tennis from Pontivy (Morbihan), The TC Bondi. So ready to play it like Rafa ?

In the service, “making aces is a little goal, but it’s not that simple.”

In singles or doubles, it’s about putting the opposing player out of reach of the little yellow ball to score points, matches, combos … so, each one according to his own technique!

First, it’s the service, as Loïg Kérébel explains, at TC Pondi for two years and BE No. 1 since this season.

The front kick is the strong point of the vast majority of players. Making aces (sending a win) is kind of a goal. But it is not so simple. It is a gesture that takes longer to mature. When you succeed, it is extremely fun and a pride even for the little ones.

Log KérébelGeneral Coach at TC Pondi

Back hit, backhand, volleyball, ground cushioning

In addition, the return of service is also an asset, “Very important in the competition. Since service is variable, we can still get it if the return of service is not bad. Otherwise, we go by the wayside in the match.”

There’s also backhand, and volleyball – “once it’s mastered, we use it a lot” -.

Clay cushioning is most effective on clays. But this is not the time that we are working with priority. For example, a group of 10-year-old girls had a good suggestion to work there. We can also adapt to demand. It is a learning cycle.

Log KérébelGeneral Coach at TC Pondi
Cushioning by Estelle Le Clair, licensed by TC Pondi (Morbihan).
Cushioning by Estelle Le Clair, licensed by TC Pondi (Morbihan). (© Pontivy Magazine Archives)

‘Lasting learning’

Log Kérébel is assisted by Emilien Saintenoy, a second BE volunteer, and volunteers Christophe Beurel, Géraldine Le Gal and Isabelle Le Frapper, to supervise all of the club’s licensees.

The course lasts from 5 to 6 sessions on the same topic. In the young, we disassemble the movement a little while in the elderly, we work on it all, and we work on the technique in more detail. Regardless of age, we operate in the same way. It is a lifelong learning.

Log KérébelGeneral Coach at TC Pondi

No Rafa, Djoko or Federer

A good tennis player and a good tennis player who has various hard-to-read games for opponent.

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Two young men have some exchanges with Jean-Yves Henri, Vice President of TC Pondi (Morbihan).
Two young men have some exchanges with Jean-Yves Henri, Vice President of TC Pondi (Morbihan). (© Pontivy Journal)

“A complete game, varied and powerful, with no noticeable weaknesses, to surprise the opponent. Like Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, who are excellent examples we try to reproduce, on our level of course,” notes Lug Kiribel.