May 17, 2022


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Innovative technology: Anclam shrimp for sale

The first generation of ‘Litopenaeus vannamei’ shrimp at Anclame shrimp farm has reached catch weight and is now being sold.


Fraktal GmbH plans to produce about 15 tons of shrimp per year in Anclam. According to the NDR report, production has now begun, and the first, albeit small, quantities have started from the aquarium farm in the Anklam industrial district of Max-Planck-Strasse. On the company’s homepage, the site is currently advertising a factory sale of the first generation of shrimp that has reached catch weight.

The technology is eco-friendly and antibiotic-free

Breeding takes place in a BioFloc aquaculture facility. An innovative technology that represents an environmentally friendly, antibiotic-free breeding method. Nearly three years ago, the West Pomeranian Economic Development Agency announced that the company’s headquarters would be in Beinstadt. About 800,000 euros should flow into the Fraktal GmbH project. The state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has received 395,000 euros in funding from government funds and the European Marine and Fishing Fund.

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