June 9, 2023


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Hill: Changing the world of work through artificial intelligence

According to the Federal Employment Minister, artificial intelligence will change all jobs in the long run. That is why he is not worried: “We will not run out of work in the future either.”

Berlin (dpa) – Federal Employment Minister Hubertus Hill expects rapid change in the world of work through artificial intelligence (AI), but generally no job destruction. “Individual jobs will be lost, but many new jobs will also be created,” the SPD politician told Tagesspiegel. “According to everything we know and can gather, we as a society will not run out of work in the future,” Hill added. But it will work differently in many ways.

Experts at the ministry predicted: “From 2035 there will be no more jobs unrelated to artificial intelligence.” To alleviate the shortage of skilled workers, Hill sees “huge potential in AI that we must fully exploit.”

The ChatGPT text machine, Google’s competitor Bard, and software that can generate images based on text descriptions are causing a stir right now. At the same time, there are concerns that this AI-based technology could be misused to spread false information, for example.

Hill does not believe in a ban on such programs, but he strongly promotes transparency. The minister warned that people should know the data used to train these educational AI systems. This not only prevents conspiracy theories, but also systems from producing unwanted results. “If wrong data is fed into systems, it will be problematic,” he warned.