June 13, 2024


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Google: The review is not displayed – this may be the reason

If your Google rating is not displayed, there may be various reasons. In the first place it will probably be about the written content.

Google review not showing due to terms of service

Google reviews can be written by any user. you have to Registration policies by Google to display the content.

  • Do not use any bad wordsAnd offensive phrases or threats In your opinion. These violate the terms of use and allow your post to be automatically deleted.
  • misinformation In the review classified in the same category. They can give the potential reader a wrong picture of the site.
  • can not be , secret information Such as addresses, bank details or full names on the review. These reviews are usually removed by the service as quickly as possible.
  • Reviews that are too long or written in quick succession are considered offensive suspecious class. The result is potential rejection. This also applies to copied content (duplicate content) from the Internet, which is automatically rejected.
  • If you are using a smartphone with Google Maps location history, this feature may block your review. Get the location through the location history not visitedrejection is possible.
  • Are you employee or What is with you From the Google Maps entry, you can’t write a review for it. You can only comment on the opinions of other users, eg to address possible points of criticism.

Technical errors and incorrect configurations

Not only that Contents Or the words used may cause your Google review to not appear.

  • Will review already before the official opening date For a restaurant or business, they will be removed automatically. Google has not labeled these comments as original.
  • will appropriate Enter “Google My Business” Deactivated and then reactivated again, revisions may be deleted. These are primarily reviews generated during the entry deactivation period.
  • If a site suddenly receives a huge surge of new revisions, they are often treated by the system as a file forged class. Your review may have slipped in this period.
  • If you want to write reviews with a new Google account, they may be deleted or for a longer period verification. In this case, you just have to be patient.
  • like that IP blocks Possible, for example if you are using a public network. Some IP addresses can also be blocked due to past revisions that do not comply with the Terms of Use. So can’t write a review with them.
  • This is rarely surprising Separation The review could not be saved. Make sure to read the review at my posts under Google Maps Find.