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Google Discover supports YouTube hiding – Jetstream Blog

Google Discover supports YouTube hiding – Jetstream Blog

  • Google Discover now supports hiding YouTube content itself
  • It is now possible to hide the YouTube content card itself instead of a specific YouTube channel
  • Tap 🚫Do not display YouTube content

Google Discover, Google’s content service that shows curated content users are interested in, can now hide YouTube content.

Previously, it was possible to set Google Discover to hide specific web media or YouTube channels, but now it’s possible to hide the YouTube content card itself. For users who don’t watch YouTube from Google Discover, this setting is a blessing because it allows you to hide the YouTube content card, which used to be an eyesore.

To actually hide the YouTube content card in Google Discover, tap ︙ (more options) in the YouTube content card that appears, then select Tap 🚫 Hide YouTube content.

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[🚫لا تعرض محتوى اليوتيوب]

If you click on[🚫إخفاء محتوى YouTube]To hide the YouTube content card, YouTube will be stored in Manage interests → Not interested in Google settings. . By editing this, you can view the YouTube content card again.

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[إدارة الفائدة/الفائدة]→[لا فائدة]

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