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“PULSE Explore Wireless Headphones” Impressions – Watch the Game

“PULSE Explore Wireless Headphones” Impressions – Watch the Game

How do PlayStation 5 users listen to game sounds while playing games? In addition to the TV’s built-in speakers, some people may enjoy the TV in a surround environment such as a gaming headset, earbuds, soundbar, or home theater.

Meanwhile, the PULSE Explore Wireless Earbuds, an original PlayStation peripheral that allows you to enjoy more “lighter, higher-quality” PS5 game audio, will be released on December 6th. This product is a unique and still rare wireless earphone in the world of gaming consoles, which is equipped with a “planar magnetic motor”, also known as a planar magnetic motor.

In this article, we received SIE’s “PULSE Explore Wireless Earbuds” before they were released, so we’ll provide our impressions. We will introduce the appeal of “PULSE Explore”, from opening the product to actually using it, such as appearance, comfort and sound quality.

[فيديو تشويقي لـ PULSE Explore وPULSE Elite|PS5]

Specifications of “PULSE Explore Wireless Earbuds”.
Driving system Planar magnetic field type (planar magnetic motor)
Driver size Not disclosed
Delivery method PlayStation Link, Bluetooth (Supports dual device connection)
microphone Built-in AI noise rejection function
battery Up to 5 hours, up to 10 hours with the charging case
Charging time (headphone body) About 40 minutes, and can be used for about 1.5 hours with 10 minutes of charging
Shipping time(box) About 1.5 hours

Let’s unbox “PULSE Explore”! Compact package and simple contents

First, let’s disassemble the “PULSE Explore Wireless Earbuds (hereinafter referred to as PULSE Explore)”. The packaging is compatible with recent PlayStation products such as the PS5 controller and PlayStation Portal, and the earbuds are designed with the shapes logo in the background. The package size is approximately one size smaller than the “DualSensen” controller that comes with the PS5.

The inner part can be pulled out by pulling the paper strip at the bottom of the package. However, even when the inner box is pulled out, the product itself doesn’t show, and the “irritation” that occurs when opening the PS5 itself is still alive and well. A startup guide will appear, which mainly consists of graphics of the main unit and the minimum number of characters required.

Inside, in addition to the “PULSE Explore” itself, there was a USB adapter for the proprietary wireless standard “PlayStation Link”, a USB Type C to A cable for charging, ear tips, and a safety guide. Although the package is small, there are a lot of items inside.

This completes the opening. When you take out the PULSE Explore, it is wrapped in thin paper to prevent scratches. In the next section, we’ll take a look at the exterior of the PULSE Explore case and earbuds, which have finally been revealed.

When opened, the “PULSE Explore” body appears wrapped in thin paper.

Package contents are packed under the body of the earphone.

Contains 4 items: PS Link USB adapter, earphone, USB charging cable, and safety guide.

A little big for completely wireless earbuds. Check out the exterior of “PULSE Explore”!

From here, we will take a look at the exterior of the “PULSE Explore”. The charging case that houses the earbuds features a two-tone black and white color scheme, and the curved design of the case makes it easy to tell that it’s a PS5 peripheral. On the other hand, they are bulkier compared to modern fully wireless earbuds, and I would be happy if they were a little smaller. There is only a USB Type-C port on the right side, and there are no buttons.

The white part of the charging case is a sliding cover. Press the side of the black body and slide the cover to the left with a click to reveal the earbuds. It’s a great gimmick, but in terms of comfort, there are a lot of steps to wearing it, and it takes some getting used to so you can wear it quickly.

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The left and right earbuds are placed inside the charging case. Since they are attached with magnets, they will not fall out, and they have just the right amount of magnetic force to make them easy to remove. The pairing button is placed between the left and right earbuds to connect to the new wireless standard “PlayStation Link” or Bluetooth.

The earbuds themselves are also larger compared to modern fully wireless earbuds. However, if you look closely, you can see that each part has a curved shape to fit the ear, and feels comfortable to wear. Naturally, this will vary depending on the user, but in my case, I felt that it was comfortable to wear even when playing games for a long time.

The buttons on the earbuds are simple. There is a ‘PS Link’ button on the ‘temple side’ of the device when worn, and you can switch between PS Link and Bluetooth connectivity. The volume button is mounted on the back of the head, and the volume can only be controlled when connected to the PS5 using “PS Link”. Please note that the volume of Bluetooth devices can only be controlled by the connected device.

A total of four types of earbuds are included, including the type that comes attached when you open the package. Although there’s no size description, they come in sizes S, M, L, and XL, and the M size was installed as standard, but to my ears, the bass was sparse. When I replaced them with the XL earbuds, they sealed properly and I was able to hear the bass better, so please check the size of the earbuds first when purchasing them.

There is a “PS Link” button on the side of the temple when wearing it.

There is a volume control button on the back of the head. There is no difference in the buttons installed on the left and right sides.

There are 4 types of earbuds. Change the size to fit your ears.

The function is minimal. However, “PULSE Explore” is “planar magnetic field type” and has good sound quality.

From here we will actually deliver a report using “PULSE Explore”. Firstly, using it with PS5 is very easy, simply plug the included “PlayStation Link USB Adapter” into the USB port and take the earbuds out of the charging case. Please note that the traditional PS5 has a USB Type-A port on the front, but the new PS5 The one released in November only has a USB Type-A port on the back, so be careful.

If you want to use it with the PlayStation Portal (New PSP) remote play device, you’ll need to pair it again with PlayStation Link. While storing the earbuds in the charging case, press and hold the “PS Link” button on the side of the case for 8 seconds. When you press the “PS Link” button installed on your “new PSP” once, the pairing will be completed automatically.

Also, some people may want to connect to mobile devices. “PULSE Explore” is compatible with Bluetooth technology as well as its own “PlayStation Link” and can be connected to smartphones and other devices. As before, press the “PS Link” button on the charging case for 8 seconds and select “PULSE Explore” on the device you want to connect to complete pairing.

The included “PlayStation Link USB Adapter” is already paired with the “PULSE Explore”. Since it can also be connected to a computer, a USB adapter is also sold separately.

The USB adapter is a USB Type-A terminal, so it can’t be inserted into the front of your new PS5.

If you’re new to PS5, connect it to the rear USB Type-A port.

When you take the earbuds out of the box, they will be recognized instantly.

[عند الاتصال بـ PlayStation Portal وPS Link]

Pairing required when using with “New PSP”

Press the “PS Link” button on the charging case for 8 seconds to enter pairing mode. The LED flashes

Then press the “PS Link” button on the side of the “New PSP” once.

Then the pairing is complete.

[عند الاتصال بجهاز محمول عبر البلوتوث]

Pairing can be done by pressing the “PS Link” button on the charging case for 8 seconds and then selecting “PULSE Explore” on the device.

Speaking of Sony, they are leaders in completely wireless earbuds, like the WF-1000X series, which feature the best noise cancellation in the world. Besides announcing the new product “WF-1000XM5” in July this year, the company released the fully wireless gaming headphones “INZONE Buds” in October. These two products use the same driver unit and share many features, such as noise cancellation.

However, SIE’s PULSE Explore is different, as it uses a specially designed planar magnetic motor. This is commonly called a “planar magnetic field driver”, and is often used in headphones costing tens of thousands of yen to hundreds of thousands of yen. However, there are only a few products that use this technology in earbuds, and even fewer are completely wireless. Equipped with this slightly specialized type of “fully wireless gaming headset”, this product can be said to be unique.

The sound quality is smooth, with clear sound from the high to mid-range to low range, and sound propagation and localization are good. When connected to your PS5 using PS Link, it sometimes claims “lossless audio with ultra-low latency,” so you won’t notice any lag even in FPS titles like “Apex Legends.” You can also sense the direction of the sound, such as where a grenade exploded. In “Gran Turismo 7” you can hear the sound of the engine from the car and the sound of the car driving down the track, giving it the power of game audio.

The PULSE Explore uses a “planar magnetic driver,” which is rarely used in earphones.

Even in FPS titles like “Apex Legends”, you won’t feel any lag and can enjoy powerful audio.

Sound localization is good, and the direction of explosion sounds like grenades can be seen.

Even in Gran Turismo 7, I enjoyed the open, engine-like sound.

It also works well with the “PlayStation Portal (New PSP)” remote player. The “New PSP” does not support Bluetooth audio, and at the time of release, connectivity was limited to wired earbuds. However, the “New PSP” has a built-in “PS Link” adapter, and by pairing it with the “PULSE Explore”, you can enjoy game audio without a cable, making it easier to play PS5 games.

Switching between “PlayStation Link USB Adapter” and “New PSP” is also easy. If you press the ‘PS Link’ button on the earbud itself for two seconds, it will disconnect from the connected ‘PS Link’ device at that point. Then, by pressing the “PS Link” button once on the side you want to switch to, it will connect to the earbuds. “PULSE Explore” is also compatible with PC, and the “PlayStation Link USB Converter” is also sold separately, so it can be used while switching between PS5, PC and the new PSP.

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I also tried connecting it to my iPad Air, a tablet I own, via Bluetooth. When you think of Bluetooth, you might imagine that “audio lag” is caused by lag, but “PULSE Explore” keeps the lag to a minimum, so you can play any serious game like a music game without any problems. It also supports “dual device connectivity” using PS Link and Bluetooth, so you can play games on your PS5 while playing music on your smartphone.

Excellent compatibility with “New PSP”. You can easily enjoy an impressive gaming experience without sitting in front of the TV.

It connects to your iPad Air via Bluetooth. You can enjoy the game as long as it is not the sound sensitive type.

“PULSE Explore” also plays music well.You can also enjoy King Gnu’s new song “):Asura:(” in collaboration with PlayStation

It also supports dual device connection.You can play music on your smartphone while playing games on your new PSP

It also has a microphone suitable for voice chat during games. It also has an AI-based “noise rejection” function, which allows the player’s voice to be captured clearly. From what I tested this time, the microphone’s sound quality seemed fair, but it didn’t pick up intentionally generated wind noise from the fan or audio from videos playing on a smartphone, and faithfully captured the author’s voice.

On the other hand, “PULSE Explore” is equipped with only “minimum necessary” functions. In addition to not being equipped with Sony’s more popular ‘Active Noise Cancellation’ feature, it also lacks the ‘Wear Detection Function’ which is useful when playing music, and ‘Splash Resistance’ for peace of mind in case of sudden rain. I get the impression that these headphones are only for enjoying game audio.

However, if the earbud fits the shape of your ear correctly, it will cut out some external noise, so if you are immersed in the game, external noise will not be a hindrance.

“PULSE Explore” is limited to the minimum functionality needed to play games. There’s no “wearing detection,” so music continues to play even if you take off the earbuds.

“PULSE Explore” allows you to enjoy a “high-quality game audio experience.” Which fully wireless option you choose “depends on the application”

So far we have given our impressions of the PULSE Explore Wireless Earbuds. The reason for upping the audio quality with an expensive ‘planar magnetic driver’ is probably due to SIE’s goal of providing a ‘high quality game audio experience’. Thanks to this, I was able to enjoy powerful game audio with the “PULSE Explore” which I couldn’t believe was a completely wireless earphone.

Priced at 29,980 yen, these are the “fully wireless earbuds” that you might be tempted to buy. Moreover, there are competing products from the same Sony range, such as the “WF-1000XM5”, which specializes in music playback, and the “INZONE Buds”, which are completely wireless gaming headphones that also provide comfort. “PULSE Explore” is a gaming earphone, so the product you choose depends on the user’s intended use.

Compatibility with PS5 is guaranteed, and is the only option for “new PSP” users who want to use completely wireless earbuds. I want to enjoy the sound of PS5 titles more easily! If so, please consider “PULSE Explore”.