June 18, 2024


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GNW-Adhoc: IdentiFlight introduces V5 technology: improved protection for wildlife at wind farms

GNW-Adhoc: IdentiFlight introduces V5 technology: improved protection for wildlife at wind farms

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The leading provider of anti-collision systems for wind farms is proud of this

To announce the launch of its V5 technology. IdentiFlight V5

It represents a major advance in performance and reliability.

Build on IdentiFlight's proven track record in security

Bird species and the simultaneous promotion of the expansion of renewable energies

IdentiFlight V5 sets a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness

Bird detection systems.

“We are pleased to introduce our V5 technology, which is of great importance

This represents progress in protecting species at wind farms, said CEO Carlos Yurquera

and CTO of Boulder Imaging, the company developing IdentiFlight.

“This achievement reflects our relentless commitment to sustainability

“A future where clean energy thrives alongside thriving ecosystems.”

Key features of IdentiFlight V5 include:

Performance Improvement: V5 features have been improved

Detection accuracy and efficiency, ensuring speed and reliability

Identifying and classifying bird species, especially birds of prey

Like eagles, hawks, and falcons, detection is guaranteed

The range extends by 1.3 km.

Rugged Design: With sturdy control cabinets that can withstand harsh conditions

Withstanding environmental conditions, V5 is suitable for use in various fields

The landscape, now also found in coastal areas, has been improved.

Optimized ease of maintenance: The new design of the V5 makes it even easier

Maintenance and repair reduce and improve downtime

Operational efficiency of wind farm operators.

The first deployment of the V5 will take place at the Musselroe Wind Farm in Tasmania

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Collaboration with Woolnorth Renewables. ?installation

The IdentiFlight V5 in Musselroe underscores our commitment to protecting

The famous wedge-tailed Tasmanian eagle and the white-bellied sea eagle

Ji Yao, General Manager of Woolnorth Renewables. ?We realize that

Innovative solutions such as IdentiFlight contribute significantly to enhancing capabilities

Mitigating risks from wind farms while pursuing important clean initiatives

Energy development in Tasmania and Australia.”

“We are proud,” added Don Mills, president and chief operating officer of Boulder Imaging

We look forward to working with Woolnorth Renewables in this next chapter of

Species protection. Using IdentiFlight's V5 technology

At Musselroe Wind Farm, we're not only innovative, we're setting new standards

To protect wild animals in wind farms. This partnership is more than just

Cooperation is a shared commitment to protecting the environment and


For more information about how IdentiFlight and its V5 technology works

Contributing to the protection of species and at the same time generating energy in proven ways

To maximize your results, visit IdentiFlight.com


About IdentiFlight and how it works

Developed by Boulder Imaging, Inc., IdentiFlight uses state-of-the-art technology

Image processing and artificial intelligence technologies to achieve up to 99 percent accuracy

Identify bird species within 1.3 km

Access to wind farms. Analysis of specialized programs and neural networks

Images quickly and determine 3D position, speed, path and

Specific types.

IdentiFlight protects birds on wind farms by reducing the risk of collisions

Turbine blades and power loss are reduced through targeted throttling

reduced. In addition, it supports wind energy projects through…

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Measure bird activity at potential locations. This has been since 2016

It is used worldwide and has been independently validated over many years

The IdentiFlight system now protects hundreds of wind turbines around the world.

Independent research proving the system's effectiveness: No

The number of eagles killed decreased by more than 85% compared to previous methods.

More information can be found on the IdentiFlight website


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