January 25, 2022


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Game Tips: Halo Infinite and more hit songs in December – Netzwelt

The new ‘Halo’ isn’t the only space shooter worthy of a closer look in December: it’s already in the works December 3 appears with “choir” Another variant developed by the German studio Fishlabs. Players control spaceship pilot Nara, who once belonged to a mysterious sect, but has now turned on his side. As a result, her ex-boyfriends ruthlessly pursue her. The film “Chorus” offers fantastic space battles between spaceships and a cinematic story to be told, which action fans should especially delight in. Between missions, Nara can also go exploring and complete optional missions to find upgrades for her ship. Space entertainment lovers should take a look here. “Chorus” will be released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

Originally developed as a small mobile game, it became “Between us” A hit in an indie universe since 2020. The gameplay is as simple as it is fun and is based on board games like “Mafia” or “The Werewolves of Mirkwood”: under the crew of a spaceship there are not only loyal crew members but also some traitors. While the crew is supposed to repair the ship, the traitors are forced to sabotage it. Crux: Only traitors know who they are. The crew members must first gather clues and can then eliminate the ostensible traitors by majority decision. However, scammers also have the right to vote – and they can deliberately set the wrong path to divert innocent crew members into Southern Goats. After its huge success on mobile devices, “Between Us” will be released on December 14 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. The simple design and isometric perspective of the game of course not only snatches a weary smile from the computing power of the new consoles – but ‘Between Us’ is fun here too.

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Aside from “Halo Infinite,” Xbox owners can look forward to new games coming in December. In the December 16 appears with “junk” A brand new exclusive title. The action adventure revolves around two space looters Rani and Bex, who have landed on an already dead planet. There they discover, however, that the planet is by no means dead, but infected with an alien parasite. This discovery poses a dilemma for both: Should they try to save the planet? Or grab what’s still good and run away? According to the developers, “The Gunk” is primarily about exploring the game world. The first photos actually show very well-designed and diverse areas. While the areas where the parasite is prevalent look bleak and inhospitable, other areas come alive. Rani grabs the hostile fierce creatures with an energy gauntlet that he can absorb. “The Gunk” will be released for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series. “The Gunk” will be included in Microsoft’s Game Pass starting from day one.