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My gaming mouse has saved my life several times in Diablo 4 – it currently costs only 70€

My gaming mouse has saved my life several times in Diablo 4 – it currently costs only 70€

Good equipment can definitely save your life in difficult situations. MeinMMO Editor Benedikt Schlotmann plays Diablo 4 primarily with a gaming mouse. And he can recommend them (almost) without hesitation.

Sometimes in Diablo you have to go fast. I positioned myself unfavorably, I am surrounded by opponents and must see I can get away quickly. If you like playing a sorceress or wizard like me, you know that life points are very limited and you can be blessed with time quickly.

In situations like this, I’m always glad I’ve now modified my hardware to suit my wants and needs.

The G502 Lightspeed is currently €78 on Amazon thanks to Prime Day:

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The G502 Lightspeed saved my life several times in Diablo 4

What is the advantage of the mouse? The G502 Lightspeed gives you three additional buttons in the thumb area: the sniper button and two other buttons located just above the thumb. These two buttons put two abilities:

  • With Blizzard, I deal a lot of damage when luring enemies through the ability’s area of ​​effect.
  • With teleportation I can put my feet up when things get dicey. This has gotten me out of trouble a few times, as long as I don’t lose sight of my ability slowing down.
  • With the sniper button, you can briefly set the DPI level to a low value. I rarely use it in Diablo, but mostly in Division 2 or Apex.

Theoretically, I could use all the capabilities with the keyboard, but I’m actually someone who prefers playing hack ‘n slash games like Diablo or Titan Quest with a mouse. Sometimes I also played with the double mission (G-Shift) and also put healing potions on the mouse, but that quickly got messy. Yes, it works, but it takes a lot of self-control and self-control.

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MMO mice like Razer’s Naga Pro V2 (for testing) offer significantly more buttons, but in Diablo that was too much for me on average. On top of that, the Naga Pro V2 is too heavy for me in the long run.

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By Benedict Schlottmann

Are there disadvantages? I use the mouse almost exclusively in a palm grip and can reach all buttons very well. However, with a hand size of 19cm, I also have very large hands. I know from experience that little hands can no longer reach all the keys. My partner has smaller hands, and she has a lot of trouble reaching the sniper button.

The Lightspeed variant offers additional internal weights compared to the newer X series, but I’ve honestly never used it. Because the weight of the mouse is already high even without a reward. Battery life is between 50 and 60 hours, which is pretty good. My Basilisk Ultimate runs another 20 hours.

The G502X does many things better, but it’s also much more expensive

There is already an heir: G502X Lightspeed is the enhanced version and successor to the G502 Lightspeed. You can read our G502X Lightspeed review on MeinMMO. Logitech has improved its legacy gaming mouse on almost every point, battery life has increased dramatically, weight has been reduced and mechanical switches are used under the keys.

The only drawback: the Model X is currently around 110 euros, so it’s about 40 euros more expensive than the previous model. However, if you’re just looking for a really good gaming mouse for Diablo 4 or other games, the old G502 Lightspeed is worth checking out and doesn’t have to be a re-release. She is currently accompanying me through the Diablo dungeons.

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Are there any other alternatives? Apart from Logitech, there are also other mice that I can recommend not only for Diablo 4:

  • You can get a Kone XP from Roccat for around €60. The handling is good and the mouse gives you more buttons. RGB lighting is also significantly more versatile than the more reserved G502. In my opinion, the XP wireless version is too expensive.
  • Thanks to Prime Day, you can currently get Razer’s Basilisk Ultimate for between €70 and €80. Good ergonomics are rounded off with decent battery life. I find the intense program somewhat annoying, but I can usually ignore it.
  • SteelSeries’ Rival 5 is also a good choice if you want a lightweight, modern mouse. I still like the G502 a little better because SteelSeries has placed the buttons in the thumb area in a strange way.

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