January 25, 2022


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Expresso Platform: Big Games | Amorim and Balenha injury that could kick him out of the derby: “He should recover well and if he has to miss one game or another, no problem”

A victory after an important European night and before the derby

“We came from a very difficult and stressful match. We went into the game well, scored the goal, but hung up a little bit. The players thought we didn’t need the goal anymore, so to speak, that was the thinking of the players. I was in their situation and I know what it looked like. We always tried to be serious against Tondela with a lot of people in the middle, with talented kids who all stood in the way and created the edge there. But we were always closer to the goal, taking a quick ball or two in the back of our defence. We had chances. In the first half and especially in the second half. We had a numerical advantage several times and we have to decide better in those situations. We scored again at the start because we came in in a strong way. It was a fair victory and now I’m thinking about the next game.”

Management in the eleventh

“I want to give the other players minutes, because they are doing well and they deserve it. This is the management that I do. Everyone must be prepared, there is always the problem of yellow cards in various competitions, for example in the Champions League we have many players who, if they turn To yellow, they will come out. The others must be ready.”

straw injury

“Let’s see. If you can’t play, you’ll recover well and play another part.”

Are you aware of the severity of the injury?

“Neither I have, neither he nor I. When we meet and have the experience, we know we’re torn. I think he still doesn’t know very well and that uncertainty wants to worry there. He should recover well and if he has to miss one small game or another, no problem.” “

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Is this the perfect time to go into the light?

“We always have to play the next game, it’s a normal time. We have to win to keep our place.”

Sad reaction to what happened in Belenenses – Benfica

“Sporting has already spoken. When Sporting speaks, we all talk. He has given his opinion and now it’s up to the people who have to make the decision, those who have been elected by the clubs. Let’s try to resolve the situation. It’s up to me to present the team and prepare the players and that’s my job”