January 25, 2022


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A competitor claims the actual MrBeast squid was faked after it was ‘pulled without moving’

One of the competitors who participated in the real life of MrBeast squid game He claimed that he was manipulated after losing in a “Red Light Green Light” match:

Luigino Angelini took to TikTok (kornyfrognamedbruce) to explain what happened when he entered the game and became the 254th player.

Speaking in one of his videos, he explained where he left the game and how he doesn’t think he should, claiming he didn’t budge.

The game, Red Light, Green Light, has become popular with many people after watching Netflix squid game. The principle is that all competitors are stationary when the red light flashes, and if they move, they are shot (at least in the chain, they are anyway).

Credits: TikTok/kornyfrognamedbruce

Explaining what happened to his followers, Luigino said, “I mean, I didn’t think I moved. I wanted to see the footage but it’s clearly not a video and they couldn’t, you know, show us on set.”

“But even the guy who’s been guiding us a little bit all day,” he told us before we started saying that if it goes off and moves, there’s a phone number and it shows up is 1-800, we don’t care.

“So even if I did or not, I can’t complain about it. I mean, I don’t have to complain because not many people have had that experience and God bless that because it was such a wonderful life.”

In addition, she also withdrew 2,000 euros. So he is very ill. ”

Credits: TikTok/kornyfrognamedbruce
Credits: TikTok/kornyfrognamedbruce

Another had nothing and wrote: “Bruh MrBeast deadass said in the video that the toys weren’t faked.”

Well, there is someone who believes everything they are told.

Luigino was also asked what his “favorite” game was, and it’s very hard to answer when you’re out in the first round… However, he said he’s looking forward to the glass-panel game.

He explained that it was bad not to pass, adding, “Why didn’t they run? If there’s a delay in the signs. Why didn’t someone cross? It was my plan the whole time.”

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