September 16, 2021


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From the municipal council – Ortsdurchfahrt Gaming: request 30 km / h

“Games is the only community away from Wieselburg that requires driving through the city center. Since the opening of the side lane on Tuesday last week, mayor Renate Rakowitz (SPÖ) explained at the town council meeting on Tuesday last week, there is a traffic problem in the center of Gammjen. In Wieselburg, traffic through the games has increased significantly.Heavy traffic, tourists and locals – they all use the road through the city center, where 50 and sometimes 70 km / h are currently allowed.

Therefore the Municipal Council passed a unanimous decision to apply to the authorities imposing a traffic restriction of 30 km / h for the games area and settlement areas within the local area. In addition to areas with protective walkways, bus stops and confusing exits along the B25, areas in the pharmacy, kindergarten and in front of the Red Cross are the main areas of discussion in the wider local area.

“It is clear to us that we are not going to get 30 everywhere, but there are nerve points that must be defused for the safety of all road users. The fact that each speed limit has its own full support is the fact that every speed limit has its own,” said Rakowitz, who also has the full support of the ÖVP and FPÖ parliamentary groups. Advantages It has already been demonstrated by 30 regions in other parts of the games, for example in Umberg.

The Infrastructure Committee should meet as soon as possible and develop a basic concept that can be presented to the state traffic expert.

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In the meantime, a new push for at least the 1970s curbs should be made at the local exit Tormäuerstraße (mountain hiking trail). At the same time, the commission should consider whether the municipality should not independently purchase radar boxes in order to monitor speed violations in the local area.