September 16, 2021


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Justin Trudeau’s dangerous game

He calls them “a frustrated and marginalized minority who reject science.”

He began to respond to them with compassion, then with passion and anger.

He, who had been looking forward to understanding his campaign, finally found it by facing the aggressive horde of anti-vaccinators that haunted him.

Just like Hillary Clinton in 2016, Justin Trudeau found it unfortunate.

An extremist minority took the election campaign hostage.

Between denunciation and exploitation, the ice is thinner and thinner for the liberal leader.


After the insults and fingers of honor, on Monday evening, the Liberal leader was pelted with pebbles.

Well-organized militia surrounded the bus. The day before, she was a few meters from the audience on a balcony.

The photos raise a fundamental question: Since when can such angry protesters approach the prime minister of Canada?

Justin Trudeau says he confronts them with his head held high for frontline health workers, dealers and servers who must confront anti-vaccine hysteria. He is fighting for vaccination. very good.

But how long will he jeopardize the safety of his team, the journalists who accompany him, and his activists in order to demonstrate the strength of his leadership in the face of ignorance?

Without accusing the liberals of doing so on purpose, these clashes have clearly bolstered the liberal leader’s meager campaign thus far.

wrong goal

Justin Trudeau never misses an opportunity to stir up controversy over Erin O’Toole’s refusal to support mandatory vaccination.

Smart, but dishonest.

Apart from the conservative volunteer who was quickly dismissed, it is the Maxime Bernier Populist Party activists who we find screaming at the front. He distances himself from her, but calls Justin Trudeau a “left-wing psychopath” and roams the country calling for a revolution against authoritarianism.

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lexample trump

By standing up to the protesters, he is once again presenting himself as an anti-Trump. He even talked about the attack on the Capitol in Washington last January.

The problem is that playing against Trump is fueling the rise of Trumpism in Canada.

The one who was elected on the pretext of sunny ways and national unity, was feeding the rifts in society.

From the height of liberal virtue, he made the mistake of building a portion of his political profit on the altar of political correctness.

However, he took an unprecedented step during the campaign. His politicization of the immunization discussion sent a signal that there were good and bad Canadians.

Anti-vaccine activists are a small segment of the population. But in his speech, Justin Trudeau judges the vast majority of those still reluctant to vaccinate. We are talking about the millions of Canadians who are despised and marginalized by partisan interests.

This is a dangerous game that brings us closer to the Americanization of our political life.