July 20, 2024


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FIFA 21: Cosmetics finally available for in-game purchase!

FIFA 21: Cosmetics finally available for in-game purchase!

Gamereactor’s media reported that cosmetics are finally available for purchase in FIFA 21. Find out what you can find

For several years now, Ultimate Team mode is the most used mode. whether in FIFA 21 Or in later versions. In fact, this online mode gathers millions of players. But it is also controversial, which is why, she I decided to launch cosmetics.

Lootboxes are causing controversy

What is the relationship between cosmetics and controversy will you tell us? Quite simply the fact that this is what the studio offers Avoid talking about the famous lootboxes. Because yes, if you didn’t know, these “gift boxes” are now banned in some countries.

In the Netherlands and even Belgium, FUT Mode for FIFA 21 Has been banned. Quite simply, because countries do not want to drive their young players to consume. Because some have not yet reached the age of majority When playing games, this can often be a problem.

Actually, The respective funds are paid. As a result, it is not uncommon to see a player take his parent’s blue card in an effort to get the best cards by paying the price. Faced with this situation, some countries have put in place laws.

EA Sports is now aware of the situation and Some governments were outraged. That is why the company has suggested several solutions and one of them has just appeared as we inform you.

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Since few, Cosmetic boxes Available to those who wish. It remains to be seen what we can find in these new funds FIFA 21 ?

A good aerial campus student plan

FIFA 21 Cosmetics

It turned out to be impossible she To close his FUT mode. The vice president in charge of branding for the game also announced this in a recent interview. The latter, first by announcing: Through realism, Ultimate Team is the most attractive mode That we have. “

Before adding: It’s also the regularly updated mode in FIFA 21. With the latest and best performing content. Participation is the first indicator of success Which we have as a company. “

And now So there is a new fund. Our colleagues from Games Reactor, With specifying what we can find inside:

Currently available cosmetics A tifo, stadium, feature and a ground / out shirt. Each can be purchased separately or as a bundle (700 FIFA Points). “

It remains to be seen whether he is lovers FIFA 21 Would you agree to spend points on peripheral items like tifos or a t-shirt? Because the most important thing in this situation is still a fact Build the best team To beat all of its online competitors.