July 21, 2024


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Amid the gaming marathon, Crespo alerts calls: “Very worried about the schedule”

Amid the gaming marathon, Crespo alerts calls: “Very worried about the schedule”

Coach Hernan Crespo has been keen to express his concern about Sao Paulo’s calendar this season after a goalless draw with Racing, in Argentina, for the third round of the Libertadores group stage. Forced to split between two competitions, Tricolor has shown signs of being increasingly wear and less time to recover between games.

“I’m very concerned about the schedule, but we in Sao Paulo also represent the Sao Paulo Football Association. At this moment, we have to play the Libertadores and the Paulista Championship quarter-finals within 48 hours,” said Crespo.

On Wednesday, São Paulo once again struggled to unleash the stress of labeling and typing the intense game rhythm featured in Hernán Crespo’s first matches at the edge of the field. Precisely for this reason, the leader of the tricolor made an appeal.

“We represent São Paulo and the Brazilian Football Confederation. The Paulista Football Association that decides the state calendar. He added that it is important for the federation to start thinking about its representatives in the Copa Libertadores.

On the many points that São Paulo still needs to develop on, Hernan Crespo has been completely honest. The coach did not deny that his team needed improvement in some aspects, but indicated that it takes time for everything to happen.

“It only takes time to work, which I don’t have right now. Because I don’t have it, we must continue to play and learn during the match.”

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