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Buying a Playstation 5: Will the ‘PS5 Rocket’ Finally be Refurbished? The experts have insider advice to the players

Sony’s Playstation is a popular gaming console. The PS5 is currently in great demand and is out of print almost everywhere. But experts are hoping for an early replenishment.

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Playstation 5 is hard to come by in Germany: But gaming fans should not give up on hope. Will there be the supplies you crave soon?

Update from Wed May 5, 2021 at 10:30 am: While separate Playstation 5 sales can be expected for the current week at best, many media outlets are reporting on the long-awaited renewal of the Sony console in May 2021. According to PC magazine, “preparations” for the late ignition of a missile The PS5 is already underway in the next calendar weeks.

Gaming experts give another tip: Console fans can increase their chances of getting a PS5 by creating a customer account with their preferred retailers. Since anyone already has an account in the individual online stores where the delivery address and invoices are stored in addition to the payment method, it saves unnecessary intermediate steps when purchasing a Playstation 5, which in the worst case could lead to the purchase. Aborted.

Buy a PS5: Insider Reveal – These dealers have the highest odds

Updated on Monday, May 3, 2021 at 4:54 pm: After only small quantities of the popular PS5 console were sold in Europe in April, insiders hope that will change soon. “The outlook for May is much better – and this has been confirmed to us by many mail order companies and retail chains,” Gameswirtschaft said.

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Fans of the new Playstation 5 will have to wait a few more days, however. is expecting its first show on May 10. A new wave of PS5 sales is clearly almost certain already for two retailers: Euronics confirmed to at the end of April that a new wave of deliveries was planned immediately, available for another wave of sales. In May, Smythstoys announced Also on its PS5 store page is that a Sony console is expected to be available starting in mid-May.

It’s hard to estimate how many Playstation consoles Sony will actually deliver to Germany in May. Insiders expect that small retailers can be supplied in the beginning. Accordingly, dealers like Alternate or Otto could start new sales campaigns for the PS5 first, according to PC Gameshardware. This could be followed by big retailers like MediaMarkt and Saturn.

Buy Playstation 5 accessories: is PS5 accessories looming? These dealers give hope

First report on Saturday May 1, 2021 at 4:27 pm: Kassel – Players around the world now have to be patient: Playstation 5 is still sold almost everywhere – including Germany. The PS5 mini consoles only occasionally provide a revamp of Sony’s popular console.

Now a retailer is awakening new hopes among gamblers: Euronics electronics store is planning a new wave of Playstation 5 shipments, according to a report. A new wave of sales is likely to start in May. The company coordinates closely with the PlayStation manufacturer Sony.

Buy Playstation 5: Dealer gives players in Germany new hope

Announcing Another Dealer That Makes Playstation 5 Fans Sink And Pay Attention: “Smythstoys” announces on its PS5 store page that a Sony console is expected to be available from mid-May. experts believe this could mean the period from May 10 to May 23 – that is, the calendar weeks 19 and 20.

Playstation 5: in short supply in Germany – Sony console is piling up in Turkey

While there is a Playstation 5 shortage in Germany, consoles appear to be piling up in Turkey – in a store at Istanbul Airport, according to The game console is offered there for € 1,099. Although the amount is high, it is a special price. The regular price is 1199 euros. For comparison: in Germany the recommended retail price is 499 euros.

The price of 1099 euros is overrated by comparison – even by Turkish standards. There is a console usually cost 8,299 TL. This equates to 850 euros. Even for locals, the price in the store at the airport is about 250 euros more expensive, which is why the PS5 box set will likely remain the same for a long time. (Jan Wendt & Helena Grace)