February 6, 2023


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Yes, it is possible to install Windows 3.1 on iPad – Games and All – MacMagazine

Is iPadOS not keeping up with your productivity needs? Does Apple Arcade not have all the games you want? Well, now you have an alternative: Install Windows 3.1 (Yes, the same one released in 1992) on your tablet – quite regularly, without Jailbreak.

The trick is done through the app iDOS 2, which was created as a way to install and run games from the DOS platform – but can, as journalist Benj Edwards explained, serve as a way to install the operating system.

The complete Edwards tutorial, based on In Harry McCracken’s previous experience (Give fast company), he can to read here. Basically you need to get files from Windows 3.1 and run iDOS at least once before anything else – this is for the app to create a folder in the Files app (files) from iPadOS. It is in this folder that you will copy the operating system files.

Then, just connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to the iPad (the operation can’t be done by clicks, it seems) and start installing Windows 3.1 on iDOS using a few specific commands. This is all done in less than 30 minutes, without any big ups and downs or complicated processes – and since everything works in isolation within the app, the most that can fail is that you have to delete the app and start everything over.

With everything ready, Windows 3.1 basically works as it came into the world on your iPad. You can access the popular games folder in the system and play classics like patience e mine field, as well as install other apps and games – just download the required ZIP file and copy it to the appropriate iDOS folder in the Files app.

Remember, all of this can be done on the iPhone, too — but a smartphone screen can be a deterrent to anyone who doesn’t have an eye for a lynx. Anyway, enjoy!

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