May 27, 2024


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Evelyn. Fun: “Seeing the Future”, Roman Revier’s first novel

Roman Riviere, a resident of Blaise (Evelyn) since 1995, published his book “Seeing the Future” last December, and it was republished in March 2021. (© Manon Faraldo)

What will tomorrow’s world be like, real or virtual? Question asked Romaine River, A resident of Fun (Evelyn) Since 1995 in His book “Vision of the Future”. “I’d love to imagine what tomorrow’s world would be like,” says the author, a fan of science fiction. “I love Star Wars and Star Trek. I’ve read a lot of science fiction stories, especially the novels of Isaac Asimov or Eric Loom.” Graduated in Political Science and History, Romaine River He wanted to blend his passion into his work. The story takes place in Paris 2050, two opposing visions: technology and the environment. “I wanted to anticipate the world of tomorrow. If man makes the right choices, he will coexist with nature. On the other hand, a dehumanized world where the virtual world has replaced the real world that has become very dangerous,” says Roman Riviere.

His 225-page book It is a fictional social criticism. I wanted to oppose my geopolitical thinking with an environmental awareness. I was inspired by the works of the architect, Vincent Callebaut. The author reveals a more natural and vibrant Paris 2050 as technology has been in harmony with humans.

During a trip to Canada in 2018, Roman Riviere realized the importance of his environment. “I went from Toronto to Vancouver by train. The trip took 5 days, and there was no wifi. We disconnected from the world and discovered the importance of social connections with the people next to me.”

The culmination of 7 years of work

Roman is a corporate communicator and culturally host of podcasts. He started the front pages of his work in 2013. “The first edition was completed in 2015, but it didn’t suit me,” he explains. Track the process of rewriting and reflection. After completing his book in 2019 after a challenge from his friends, last year the author finished the cover of his work That Is An Eye. “It shows how we build our world through our eyes. The result is getting closer but anxiety has taken over the writer.” My work was going to be public, and it was taking shape. I had moments of doubt. I was afraid of other people’s eyes. ”

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Roman Riviere published his book himself last December, It was re-released in March 2021. “My childhood dream was to be a writer! 1 in 3 French want to write. 1 in 4 continues the work,” he says proudly.

Le Plaisirois received many requests. “With confinement, there was a writing craze. Publishing houses are overwhelmed with requests. Self-publishing is a good alternative to a first book and allows you to get to know yourself,” the author testifies.

“Vision of the future” It is part of a trilogy. “Volume 2 is scheduled for next year.”