September 22, 2023


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Lawsuit against Google: “Google does not own the Internet” – Economics

Lawsuit against Google: “Google does not own the Internet” – Economics

Google has to respond in court to the unauthorized use of data to train its artificial intelligence (AI). According to the indictment, the Alphabet subsidiary used personal and proprietary information.

According to the plaintiffs, they represent millions of Internet users and copyright holders. They are seeking damages of at least five billion dollars. “Google doesn’t own the Internet, it doesn’t own our creativity, it doesn’t own our expressions of ourselves, the pictures of our families and children, or anything else just because we share it on the Internet,” said Ryan Clarkson. Accusation lawyer.

Google’s chief legal officer Halima Deline Prado noted that the internet company has been evaluating information from publicly available sources for years. US law allows public information to be used to create new useful uses. Last month, several authors sued Open AI because Microsoft used their work without permission to train a Chat-GPT AI.

Prominent American comedian Sarah Silverman and other authors have raised similar allegations in a separate lawsuit against Open AI and Facebook’s parent company Meta, which also developed artificial intelligence.

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