June 14, 2024


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Esslingen Machine Tool Makers: Index Factories are investing in new technology – Esslingen

Things are improving again: IndexWork in Esslingen predicts a better fiscal year 2021. Photo: Ines Rodel

After a challenging year 2020, things are starting to materialize at Esslingen’s Index mills. Mechanical engineering companies are recording strong demand and investing in a new technology: 3D metal printing.

Esslingen – It has been a tough year for mechanical engineering worldwide and for Index-Werke: Compared to the previous year, the Esslingen-based company’s sales volume decreased 40 percent in 2020. Meanwhile, things are starting to get better again, he explains. Dirk Prost, Chairman of the Board. “The requests received are coming back much more strongly than what was anticipated in the budget,” he says. Fiscal year 2021 will be better, and Prost is sure of it. Index-Werke is focused on diversifying and investing in a new business area: 3D metal printing.

The best from Esslingen.

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