September 26, 2022


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Yes to computer science as a core subject

In the field of Swiss technology, Swiss Engineering supports the Decree of Recognition of the new Matura.


The basics in brief

  • Swiss Engineering offers Consultation: Yes to Computer Science as a core subject.
  • It’s about the further development of Matura High School
  • However, the introduction of computer science should not replace other STEM subjects.

“A grade increase in MINT courses can only be achieved through sound basic education. High school graduates are more likely to take a MINT course if they were able to attend these subjects in high school. This is also given due prominence there.”

This is an excerpt from Swiss Engineering’s response to the Federal Council’s request.

Swiss technology: template supports free choice of school

In the current proposal, it is not planned to increase the number of mathematical and natural science subjects. However, a higher weighting of these topics is useful for natural science and engineering courses.

This will only be possible by specifically selecting or deselecting the core subjects in the Swiss technology field. However, this does mean that universities will offer a digital item. or entrance exams to attend a degree program.

The professional association supports the Federal Council’s proposal as it allows freedom of choice for the school, something deeply rooted in Switzerland. Requirement: New topics should not under any circumstances replace other supplementary scientific or technical topics.

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