September 26, 2022


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E-Fuel: This technology can change everything

Researchers want to use synthetic fuels to enable zero-emission air transportation. The key is the manufacturing process that should enable the mass production of e-fuels. There is already a pilot plant on campus in Karlsruhe.

An aircraft whose emissions do not harm the atmosphere. This is the goal.

Photo: (YAYMicro)

Airplanes have made travel much easier and faster, but they are a problem when it comes to climate change. Because it emits large amounts of gases harmful to the climate such as carbon dioxide. It will likely be some time before there are efficient electric aircraft that can also cover long distances. Until then, synthetic fuels, or so-called e-fuels, could be the answer. It is mainly made of water and ambient air. If you use electricity from renewable energy sources for this process, it is climate neutral.

Results from the coronavirus shutdown should make planes less harmful to the climate