November 30, 2023


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Essentium and KVG support Ukraine with 3D printing technology

Essentium and KVG support Ukraine with 3D printing technology

Specialized in 3D printing Essentium And Cfg, an internationally recognized support services company, will provide 3D printing solutions, training and manufacturing tools to Ukraine. These 3D printing capabilities enable rapid, on-demand production of mission-critical parts and components in conflict zones.

Within just 96 hours of approval, Essentium High-Speed ​​Extrusion (HSE) 3D printing platforms were delivered to various locations in Ukraine. The aim of this rapid action was to strengthen Ukraine’s defense response through accelerated production of specialized tools and spare parts for the army. In addition to the equipment, the Ukrainian army was trained on site to ensure the production of key parts in the conflict zone.

“In times of conflict, cooperation and agility can create critical strategic advantages,” said Elisha Abbott, President of KVG. Our partnership with Essentium is a perfect example of this. It has enabled us to quickly deploy critical technologies and sustainable mission support assets in Ukraine.

“KVG’s mission aligns with Essentium’s innovative 3D printing solutions to support armed forces in challenging situations,” said Dr. Blake Teeple, CEO of Essentium. This cooperation bridges the gap between 3D printing and traditional manufacturing, enabling Ukraine to create vital components in real time, improving operational effectiveness and enhancing the capabilities of the Armed Forces.

While the initial focus was on military support, Essentium and KVG have also developed medical applications in conflict zones using 3D printing. These innovations meet urgent medical needs and underscore the partnership’s comprehensive approach.

Despite the challenges faced, both companies have maintained a coordinated response to supply chain issues, ensuring efficient distribution of resources and rapid response to critical needs in Ukraine.

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The collaboration between Essentium and KVG highlights the transformative potential of 3D printing in times of crisis. Through rapid deployment and training, this technology could make a critical difference in conflict zones like Ukraine.

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