June 23, 2024


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Karlsruhe starts KIT Center “Health Technologies” – kma Online

Karlsruhe starts KIT Center “Health Technologies” – kma Online

New technologies for precision medicine, humanoid robots in healthcare or cybersecurity to protect sensitive data: As medicine becomes increasingly digital, a new Center for Health Technologies at the Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe is dedicated to the challenges associated with it. More than 150 scientists from a wide range of disciplines such as medical technology, robotics, life sciences and data science will work closely together at KIT-HealthTech. “The goal is to develop digital and technological solutions for medical devices from a perspective and for the benefit of the community and focus on its medical needs.”

Professor Oliver Kraft, Vice President for Research at KIT, explained that basic research must be combined with concrete applications in health technologies. One example given was exoskeletons – external support structures that people can wear, designed to cushion people during heavy physical work.

“With the new center, we are actively dealing with the needs of the population and the healthcare system,” said KIT Head Professor Holger Hansilka. “Continuous change, for example in the field of digitization or robotics, offers us many new opportunities.”

A unique ecosystem in the Greater Karlsruhe Region

According to the statement, citizens will have to work more closely with doctors and researchers in the future. KIT-HealthTech shall bring together interdisciplinary competencies and work together with networks of clinics, health insurance companies and licensing authorities. “Our vision is that patients and citizens of the region interact directly with doctors and clinics as well as other players in the health care system in the greater Karlsruhe region. In this way, we want to create a unique ecosystem, ”adds Professor Andrea Rubitzky, Head of the Department responsible for the KIT Health Center Technologies Center.

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