May 25, 2024


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The Allen-Essingen Center for Electrical Technology opens its doors

The Allen-Essingen Center for Electrical Technology opens its doors

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Instructor Wolfgang Lenzer shows visitors to the Electrotechnology Center an experimental setup. © Jürgen Eichenhorn

Visitors spend a day exploring the electrical technology center in the Dauerwang Industrial Park. Information on inter-company training and further education as well as master's courses.

Allen. The Electrical Technology Center (ETZ) has been located in Dauerwang Industrial Park for 15 years. It was once created as a successor to the former Electrical Training Center (EAZ) in Aalen by the electrical unions in Aalen, Schwäbisch Gmund and Heidenheim. Reason enough to offer rooms after 15 years as part of an open day.

Promoting additional training and education

ETZ is now run by the Stuttgart Electrical Union and is jointly financed by their companies. “Company-to-business training takes place here, as well as further training and master's courses in various professions,” says Andrea Dremola, Managing Director of ETZ Aalen. “Many of the union's ETZs work together on offers, for example exchanging their coaches according to their field of expertise and needs,” adds Fritz Staudacher, head of the educational foundation. It is important that there is extensive training and additional education for every trainee and every worker, even in areas that are not usually carried out in their company. In 2023, for example, the courses were attended by 240 trainees from all years of training, as well as about 900 participants in the additional 90 training courses, added Andrea Dremola.

Hardly any student stops

On the open day, business owners, trainees, employees and trainers were able to view the training halls distributed over two floors. They were able to test the settings, use the ergometer to operate the entire classroom including the radio, and much more. Visitor numbers were good all day, although very few students attended, Fritz Staudacher said. The program was complemented by lectures on the topics of renewable energies, skilled labor shortages, and modern automation technology.

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Karl Kurz, head of the district office for schools, among others, and Allen Mayor Bernd Schwarzendorfer, also got an impression during the tour. In his welcome speech, Kurz described the ETZ program as a success story, just like the dual training in Germany. Professions have been constantly changing, especially in recent years, including with digital transformation. We must work together to provide the next generation with quality training opportunities.

Schwarzendorfer also described constantly changing conditions, which require well-trained specialists. “Among other things, in combating climate change with new technologies,” he added. Afterwards, guests, trainers and business owners exchanged ideas.