May 21, 2024


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Eliminate lack of iPhone shortcuts.  Actions is a free application that allows you to use 141 types of actions |  LifehackerJapan

Eliminate lack of iPhone shortcuts. Actions is a free application that allows you to use 141 types of actions | LifehackerJapan

Apple Shortcuts is a powerful tool that automates certain tasks.

However, the number of preset actions seems to be very small.

What is useful here isFree application”proceduresHe is. Using this, you can add 141 types of actions. Many of them are things I wish Apple had from the beginning.

I could talk a lot about the features of Actions in this article, but instead I will say that there are a lot of them.

Automate tasks using shortcuts

This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Mac mobile devices.There are a few actions that are limited to one or the other, but most of them can be used on any device.

First, let's install the Actions app and create a new shortcut.

The best way to learn about new features is to open Shortcuts and create a new shortcut or look at the actions list for each app. It's all in the shortcuts.

Photo: Justin Bott

I enjoy trying this app.

Shortcuts using images

The workflow in which I first created a shortcut was for the Image Materials website”UnsplashThe highlighted text is inserted into the background of the selected image at random.

Set up this shortcut as follows:

Shortcut settings
Photo: Justin Bott

Here is an image I created as an experiment using this shortcut.

Sample image with the created shortcut
Photo: Justin Bott

This is just the beginning when it comes to photo-related features. For example, it can extract the average or representative color of an image, which can be useful for automating font color selection. It is also possible to blur the image.

Other shortcuts

There are also some useful tools that can automate processes using URLs.

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For example, you can get the address of any web page as long as you know the URL.

I've created a plugin that uses this shortcut to quickly retrieve the title of the latest Lifehacker article and output a markdown-formatted link with the title.

Shortcut to get the latest Lifehacker article title
Photo: Justin Bott

There are also a lot of other features you can check out. For device-related functions,

  • What Bluetooth device are you connecting to?
  • The application is open
  • Is cellular data activated?

There are shortcuts to check.

As with all shortcuts, if you want to know what they can do, it's best to check it out and give it a try.

Be careful of notifications

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It's a waste!  If your iPhone feels dark,

It's a waste! If you feel that your iPhone is dark, you should turn it off[اختراق عمل اليوم]|

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