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Garmin Phoenix 7, multisport watch with touch screen and solar glass

Garmin Phoenix 7, multisport watch with touch screen and solar glass

By William Robert

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 – News

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Garmin has unveiled its all-new Phoenix 7, with its iconic new series of multisport and integrated GPS watches. Innovative design incorporating the optimal version of solar technology, with classic glass or sapphire crystal to complement their biggest challenges for athletes and adventurers.

Designed to push the boundaries, the Phoenix 7 touchscreen offers an enhanced interface with new training functions, multi-band satellite mounting system and international mapping, all integrated with high resistance homes.

If more technology is hard to do and field tests confirm these promises, Garmin will take a big hit.

Don Bartell, Vice President of Global Consumer Sales at Carmine.

We are committed to supporting the continued interest of athletes since the first Phoenix was introduced 10 years ago. We are loyal to this mission by constantly providing them with new and more innovative tools. The Phoenix 7 Series brings new innovative and unique multiplayer functionality. With this new generation watch, athletes have a sophisticated tool to achieve their goals.

If this product is not directly dedicated to pure cyclists, it will be of interest to everyone involved in many sports. Running, Paths, Hiking, Swimming, Golf. ….

Design and performance

Built with premium materials such as titanium and sapphire crystal, the Phoenix 7 Series is available in three sizes. In order to create a gap with previous generations its bezel has been completely redesigned by extending the clocks of the clock and the frame of the main button has been reinforced. The new touch interface simplifies the use of navigation and functions by providing an intuitive application of integrated landscape maps.

Among the many models in this new series, the introduction of Sapphire Solar models allows you to take advantage of greater autonomy and ultra-scratch-resistant Sapphire crystal.

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The solar power storage area has been significantly increased so that the fēnix 7X solar models have a battery life of up to 5 weeks in smartwatch mode and up to 135 hours in GPS mode. In detail, Garmin’s attached watch mode offers up to 28 days of autonomy, and an additional 9 days of solar power capture or 89 hours of autonomy in GPS mode and an additional 33 hours. Solar power.

Even if these figures are combined under optimal conditions of sunlight, we can only appreciate this achievement. The higher version, for example, shows these numbers.

  • Attached clock: 28 days / 37 days with sun exposure (1)
  • Energy saving watch mode: 90 days with sun exposure / up to 1 year (1)
  • GPS only mode: up to 89 hours / 122 hours with solar capture (2)
  • All Satellite Systems: 63 hrs / 77 hrs with solar capture (1)
  • All Satellite & Multiband Systems: Up to 36 hours / 41 hours with solar power (2)
  • All satellite systems and music: up to 16 hours
  • Maximum battery GPS (UltraTrock): 213 hours / 578 hours of solar charging (2)
  • Expedition GPS: 62 days / up to 139 days with solar charging (1)
  1. Sunlight capture, with daily use, 3 hours outdoors, in direct sunlight (50,000 lux)
  2. Sunlight capture, 50,000 lux used in direct sunlight

But the basic 7S version also has good battery life.

  • Attached clock: up to 11 days
  • Power saving mode: up to 38 days
  • GPS only mode: up to 37 hours
  • All satellite systems: up to 26 hours
  • All satellite systems and music: up to 7 hours
  • Maximum battery GPS (Ultra Track): up to 90 hours
  • GPS Travel: Up to 26 days
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Finally, an LED flashlight is integrated into the fēnix 7X model to enhance user comfort and security.

When activated in running mode, the light changes according to the speed of the racer and moves between white and red with each motion of the hand, to see, see and complete silence.

As night falls, the built-in LED flashlight allows you to see and see during your activities. The light beam is guaranteed to be stable and very bright.

Advanced Exercises

This new model allows you to achieve a high level of training through a variety of sporting applications, from climbing to swimming, building muscle and more.

Among the new functions available:

  • Function “Choice” In real time, Garmin’s invention allows athletes to monitor their endurance levels during the running or cycling process.
  • Function “Visual Race Predictor” Provides running time estimates and training progress information, taking into account the athlete’s running history and overall fitness.
  • Function “Recovery Time” Assess how many hours of rest are needed for recovery, taking into account other factors such as the intensity of the exercise and stress, daily activity and sleep.
  • The “Daily Exercise Recommendation” Provides recommended running or cycling based on current training load, training level and overall fitness level.

Reliable tools

Equipped with Carmine’s full navigation features, the fēnix 7 Series is compatible with all satellite systems and offers multi-band options for Sapphire Solar versions, using the L5 frequency range for maximum accuracy. All fēnix 7 watches are preloaded with SkiView maps of ski slopes and 42,000 golf courses worldwide. Sapphire solar models are preloaded with topoactive multi-content maps. Therefore, they make it possible to download for free via WiFi and directly from the clock in any part of the world.

Finally, the new function “Ahead – on the track” To increase comfort and security, the next curve allows you to display all navigation data on a single screen, such as the direction to follow, the exact locations of help desks, and POIs. During the race, this page will display previously recorded data on a course, such as the distance to the next help desk, the next checkpoint, and the water point.

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Daily use

Designed for everyday use, this new fēnix 7 series includes features for health and wellness monitoring, including pulse ax sensor, wrist based heart rate, respiration and pressure monitoring, power reserve battery power, fitness age and sleep analysis and score. This function makes it possible to detect different stages of sleep and give a score of 0 to 100 on the quality of his sleep, taking into account information about his activity level, level of stress and sleep times.

When connected to a compatible smartphone, the clock will display several notifications with the possibility of disabling them during operation. Safety and monitoring features provide peace of mind during outdoor workouts, which automatically detect incidents and manually trigger alert alerts that send a message with their real-time location to emergency contacts. Users can access the Garmin Pay contactless payment solution and enjoy playlists from pre-loaded streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music and Deezer from the platform. Connect IQ.

Prices and availability

The Fēnix 7S, fēnix 7, and fēnix 7X models, standard (non-solar), Solar and Sapphire Solar version options are available from $ 699.99 RRP, which is up to $ 1,200 on the Titanium Titanium 7X Sapphire Solar Edition. Coating and gray DLC titanium insulation.

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