October 24, 2021


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Due to injury, Zion Williamson is out of the first matches of the season

By Victor Lingardi
Posted on October 14, 2021 at 8:54 pm

Due to a right foot injury, Zion Williamson was knocked out of the New Orleans Pelicans’ regular season opener. That’s because the star had to undergo surgery even before the start of the preparatory season. As a result, the hub must undergo new tests every 20 days. With that said, his absence is already taken for granted in the first two weeks of matches.

The information was confirmed, Thursday (14), by Pelicans Vice President of Operations, David Griffin. “Everyone’s goal is for Zion to get back in play as quickly as possible. Obviously two and a half weeks from now means he won’t be on the field in the first week of matches. When he can come back safely, that will happen.”

Williamson got his test results on Wednesday, and after a diagnosis with the team doctor, Griffin said doctors were “extremely encouraged” by the recovery. However, there was no specific timetable for the return of the young athlete. On the other hand, Zion was released to start running and doing individual acts in court. However, it is not clear when it will be released for further activities. The vice president of operations was cautious in saying that the star is expected to improve. “He might be able to train better two and a half weeks earlier. But really, we are dependent on how things progress.”

In his first year as coach of the Pelicans, Willie Green will face the challenge of starting the season without his main star. “It’s a part [do jogo]. We miss him. He’s here and he’s making progress, just like Griffin said. But we have to prepare the other players as well. On Wednesday we played Philadelphia and we have to be ready.”

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Absence date

Williamson lost 59 games in his first two seasons as a professional. However, he has proven to be a star when on the field. But after missing the post-season in his first two years, Zion says he’s excited to bring New Orleans playoffs. Earlier this month, in a radio interview Sirius XM, the player commented on his inability to participate in the knockout matches.

“It was a terrible feeling [não jogar os playoffs]. I was just watching. I know we could be there this year. When I started training, I took everything personally. As if nothing this year could stop us from making it to postseason. I will do my part to make sure my teammates see me in action,” Zion.