April 18, 2024


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Do you see her life in Balenciaga pink edition? – Release

The label, directed by Georgian Demna Gvasalia, was presented on Sunday in digital form with a question in mind: How do you stand out in a more complex world?

She walked Balenciaga (Spring 2022) in a “distant” show on Sunday in a white room where all the guests, seated in three rows, were dressed in black. To say we wanted to be there is an understatement because the offerings of the house, founded in 1917 by Cristobal and now run by Demna Jvasalia, is a pledge of strong feelings. We are satisfied once again with a digital display, with the hope that the normal, which we did not want so much before, will return soon.

American actress Elisa Douglas is the only one who participated in the show. It’s up to her to wear all 44 hues, mixed, which presents a still decadent fashion. An AI voice coldly reads the famous Piaf song, flowering life : “The eyes that make me lower / A lost laugh in his mouth / Here’s the picture without retouching / Of the man I belong to / When he takes me in his arms / He talks to me in a low voice / I see la vie en rose / Says words of love to me / Words every day / And he does something for me / He entered my heart / Part of happiness / I know why / It is for me, I am for him in life / He said to me, I swear it for life …

Happy discoveries

First Silhouettes: Woman – in mourning? – In a skirt, large black boots and a veil, she appears quickly followed by her stern bodice, whose hair covers her face and she wears a short dress cut as light yellow as lemon. The look has retained one of the hallmarks of the brand since the arrival of the Georgian designer: fullness, four-shoulder XL, tight jumpsuits and many outfits from the most popular wardrobe trying not to fall. This season, a few floral print or polka-dot dresses break up the bold color of most outfits, including ravers (wide-leg jeans, with pockets and belts), futuristic monks (a body-hugging body-mutant jumpsuit in black cape) and happy finds to note: a coat Perfect, an ultra-tight turtleneck dress covered in an asymmetric train. The ensemble ends with a gorgeous red dress that clings to the body and ends in a basque, wide from the knees. The Haute Couture show – the first from the house’s creator – was expected to be held on July 7, living up to expectations.

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Gvasalia again addresses the mass consumer company with the transformation of shopping bags into handbags, meaning the good old plastic bag – soon to be included in the vintage category – and here in the leather version with the logo. The plastic basket of our ancestors became an ornament. Georgian enjoys mixing fun retro, 1950s looks that he modernizes by expanding them to the limit. The word “baby” or the phrase “no comment” or The Simpsons flock to hoodies. The collaboration (The Hacker Project) between Balenciaga and Gucci, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, two Kering Group brands that Alessandro Michele started last April, continues here, in particular, with bags embellished with the house’s letter “B”. Covered with the famous monogram of the Italian house and others on which we graffiti “This is not a Gucci bag” graffiti. On the foot, Elisa Douglas wears large boots, the result of a new collaboration with Crocs, which have thus become high and look like – the hit – Bottega Veneta (also in the Kering collection) since their arrival. Written by Daniel Lee.

deep fake

The introductory note notes that Demna Jvasalia remains wary of appearances, and calls on her forces to be more discerning in an increasingly outwardly, transformative, and sometimes polluted world: “The Balenciaga Spring 22 collection presentation examines our changing perceptions of reality through the prism of technology. When we look at our world through a filter—perfect, polished, corrected, compatible, we no longer distinguish between what is healthy and what is retouched, what is real and what is falsified, what is concrete from what is conceptual, facts from fiction, a deepfake ( Literally “deep error”, i.e. the content is forged with the help of artificial intelligence). Technology creates alternate realities and identities, a world of digital copies.”Powerfully returning to reality to discern who imitates who and what.

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