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Usage value derives from technology


CIO.expriences Innovation in Service Professions will be broadcast on July 1, 2021 in the form of an online conference.

On July 1, 2021, CIO will broadcast CIO in the form of an online conference.

publishedEmerging technologies form many of the dominant ideas in the discourses of various teachers. But innovation is not just a new technology. It is assumed that this technological innovation is in the service of real and beneficial use. To get a clearer picture, CIO is organizing a Webconference Innovation serving Lines of Business: Technologies with Use Value. CIO.expriences will be broadcast on July 1, 2021.

The first keyword is currently invading the vision of CIOs, AI or AI. After generic solutions that had to provide data and training, solutions emerged that adapted to business uses. Another popular keyword is blockchain. Beyond cryptocurrencies, blockchain is advancing businesses with diverse uses by offering peer-to-peer community solutions to track and approve flows.

Low-code/no-code has made a place for itself in companies through its contributions. All lines of business are already seeing the emergence of citizen developers [citizen developpers] Those who need appropriate tools that guarantee them a certain independence. Finally, let’s not forget about networking and connectivity, in the early days, with IoT and 5G. LPWan networks, and cheap sensors: The arrival of 5G will accelerate the development of IoT projects and use cases around connected objects. Interoperability at all levels becomes essential to solidify these uses in the hard disk.

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