May 20, 2024


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Dead Space: The Remake is a new game with fewer items

EA recently announced the remake of Dead Space with a short teaser during its latest EA Live. The technical director of the game, Mike Yazygian, spoke about this new version in an interview. The man asserts that he found very useful old notebooks for development: “ It’s really easy to get those notes. We have concept illustrations, visual how-tos, source documentation, notes on conversations conducted, and knowledge all built right into the game. Roman Campos Oriola, Creative Director of Dead Space, also notes that everything has been rebuilt with a new engine. In this interview, the creator speaks Completely redesigned work in Frostbite, With all new character models, environments, rooms, props, and more. »

Continuous experience, real shot

Dead Space Edition promises a lot of changes – Credit(s): Electronics Arts

Roman Campos-Oriola declares about the color: ” We rebuild everything from scratch, keeping the same story and the same structure. Thanks to PS5 and Xbox Series X / Series X SSD, humans promise faster load times “. the aim? ” Provide a completely uninterrupted experience, consecutive shot, from the start screen to the end of the credits Philippe Ducharme, Producer, also talks about room depth, air thickness, shadows, dynamic lighting, ambiance and atmosphere, etc. We can’t wait to see what the belly edition of Dead Space has…

Items removed from the original

But items will also be removed from this new version of Dead Space compared to the original. Mike Yazejian admits he was on the difference.” Remove non-working itemsMake sure the game remains relevant to today’s players “But no fans screaming at heresy,” The main source of inspiration (…) is the first dead space (…) out of respect [pour lui] If the release date is not announced, New version arrives for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / Series S et PC. For now, it will be necessary to be satisfied with the first teaser before discovering the gameplay.

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