September 16, 2021


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Izekias Keyrouz is the gold in rowing at the Tokyo Olympics

The long-awaited Olympic gold medalist (Gaspar Nóbrega / COB)

Tokyo – Izekias Queiroz is the Olympic champion! The Brazilian won the gold medal in the C1 1000 powerboat class at the Tokyo Olympics after winning the final held at night, around dawn, on Friday (6) in Brazil. In doing so, he reaches four medals in his career and opens up the possibility of equalizing, or even exceeding, in Paris 2024, the country’s podium record, which is five sailors Robert Chait and Turbin Grill. Izekias plans to compete in two races in the French capital. He won the final in Japan with a time of 4 minutes 4 seconds 408, followed by Chinese Liu Hao with 4 minutes 05 seconds 724 and Moldovan Sergei Tarnovci with 4 minutes 06 seconds 069.

“Very happy to be able to win this gold medal for Brazil. A very big emotion, I devoted myself a lot since 2016 to the exact moment. The medal in C2 did not come. Our goal was to represent our dear coach, Jesus Morlan, who passed away in 2018 and won nine important medals, Like today, in our football career “I am very happy to be able to realize this dream,” said the Brazilian.

Izekias Queiroz C1 1000 Speed ​​Rowing Tokyo Olympic Games
Celebrating the Dragon Ball tone, which he’s been a fan of since he was a kid (Jonne Roriz/COB)

Apotheosis in Paris?

At the age of 27, the Brazilian reached the Olympic Games in Tokyo as one of the greatest hopes for a medal. In addition to being the current world champion in the C1 1000, he took silver in the same event at Rio 2016 and also in the C2 1000, along with Erlon Sousa. That year, he also won a bronze medal in the C1 200, a category no longer on the Olympic programme. In addition, he was the 2019 All-American Champion in Lima in the C1 1000. With this credential, he landed in Tokyo with confidence and revealed that it was his goal to be The biggest medal in the history of the Brazilian Olympics Until the Games in the French capital. Still in Japan, he played in the C2 1000 along with Jackie Goodman and they remain in fourth place.

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“I have to go to Paris to fight for two more medals. The goal here was two medals, because we have this agreement with COB, with Lauro, with Jesus Morlán, to turn it into 10 of his medals. He can’t be here, but we came with that goal. Gold Medal Means a lot. He didn’t come to Rio, but Lauro continued his work (Jesus) and we did. We knew from the start that this was mine, and there was no way anyone could take it. I showed this in the semi-finals and finals. Now I come home And I get married and enjoy the holidays and start thinking about Paris. I’ll say it again, I’m not going to Paris on a trip, I’m going to do what I did here: fight for medals and represent the country well,” he cemented after winning fourth and most important place at the Olympics his career medal.

Izekias Queiroz C1 1000 Speed ​​Rowing Tokyo Olympic Games
Leo, Isakias, and Tarnovci (Breno Barros /

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row for gold

Isaquias Quiroz’s gold-medal campaign in speed rowing was impeccable. won in First qualifying heat, I played Thursday night (5) in Brazil, and with that I went straight to the semi-finals without having to quarrel in the quarter-finals. He had a best time among the 16 ranked at 3min59s894, the only time that was under four minutes. A day later, he went into the water to fight for one of the eight places in the decision, faced sweltering heat, sharing the Sea Forest Waterway with Germany’s Sebastian Brendel, until then two-time Olympic champion and four-time world champion as well as Germany’s Konrad Schebner, Cuba’s Jose Ramon Cordova and China’s Zeng Pengfei . The Brazilian won again and, surprisingly, Brindel and Cordova did not advance, having been overtaken by Sergey Tarnovci, who would take bronze at the end of the day.

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Izekias Keyrouz C1 1000 Gold Rowing Olympic Games Tokyo
(Brino Barros /

Just take it out

The final details the same how it went. Lauro spoke two minutes before the race. “Isakias, you have all the training in your bag. Just get it out and do what you know and do every day.” First, though, an unexpected happened. “I was praying for the wind to come, and then it rained and the wind stopped,” he said, referring to the storm that hit the stadium between the semifinals and the final.” I said “aaaahhhh” , I can’t believe it!” Because I’ve been rowing so well in the wind. No, I had to be faster. In the eighth and seventh lane, there was no wind and I thought “I can’t believe it!” But then a darker cloud appeared and began to explode with even greater force.”

“At the time of the start, I left a little way back, the Chinese took the lead and I kept it,” he said, adding that at that moment he was thinking of doing the same thing as the World Cup. “I’ll carry it to the side and in the 400m I’ll go up (hard). I thought ‘this Chinese can’t beat me, he lost on the bottom card, how is he going to win?” And let the boat slide under my feet,” he continued. “When the 500 meters passed I was comfortable and still had gas. I saw that the athletes on the left were in the back, and there were only the Chinese. But I was very comfortable,” he said, adding that in the last 200 meters he already felt the win was his.

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