March 3, 2024


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Create a natural atmosphere with flashing light.New Products Launched from Panasonic LED Lights |  GetNavi web GetNavi

Create a natural atmosphere with flashing light.New Products Launched from Panasonic LED Lights | GetNavi web GetNavi

Panasonic's LED Flat Lamp series is one of the popular lighting devices because anyone can easily replace it. This series has a wide range of products, including dimmable types, “good-looking” types with high color rendition that make your skin look beautiful, and types that turn on and off automatically using motion sensors.

Of these LED flat lights, a new “fluctuating light type” will be released on February 21, 2024. As the name suggests, this product uses LEDs to reproduce the changing light of candles and fireflies.

↑ Newly released dimming type LED flat lamp

↑ Inverted flat LED lamp (right) and its socket. The socket attaches to the GX53 base easily.

The flickering of the candle flame and the light of the firefly have a relaxing effect.

There are two types of flashing lights: candle type and firefly type. The candle type reproduces the irregular flickering of a candle flame, and the firefly type reproduces the regularly flickering light of a firefly.

↑ fickle candlelight. Even though it is an LED lamp, it looks as if there is a candle inside.

↑ Firefly type, where the light fluctuates in a certain rhythm

Verification experiments conducted by Professor Nozomi Yoshizawa of Tokyo University of Science demonstrated the existence of two effects resulting from the flickering of light. Compared with ordinary flat LED lights with single brightness, the flashing type light catches eyes more easily and makes the space more comfortable.

↑ Experimental results confirm the effect of the type of oscillating lighting

When introducing the strobe type of lighting, it is recommended to use the Lecoeur device at the same time, which uses the light guiding lens to make the light shine. This is because Lecoeur lenses focus the light at one point and prevent it from spreading too far, allowing shadows to show through clearly.

^ Le Cor. Use it by placing it on a light source. There is a light guide lens at the top of the cylindrical part shown in the middle.

↑ A flat LED lamp is placed under the lamp to illuminate it. The light collected at one point is spread on the lens directing the light to the surrounding area.

↑If you place a decorative frame on top of Le Coeur, the shadows will stand out clearly. A light-guided lens is essential to show the contrast between light and shadow.

Bring emotion to your outdoor space

Both the candle type and the firefly type are products intended for use as outdoor lighting. The swaying light creates an emotional atmosphere at the entrance of outdoor living rooms, gardens, shops, etc.

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↑ Installation picture of the recessed lighting type of LED flat light.In addition to being installed low to the ground, it can also be used as a spotlight.

This product is scheduled to be released on February 21. And from now on, if you feel the elegance of light in your outdoor space, this one might be right up your alley.