February 28, 2024


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New Season 'Lost Light' firearms spray can 'Free Edition' |  NetEase Interactive Entertainment Pte.com Press Release  Ltd

New Season 'Lost Light' firearms spray can 'Free Edition' | NetEase Interactive Entertainment Pte.com Press Release Ltd

Lost Light, a free-to-play shooter developed in-house by NetEase Games, has entered a new season. In the new season, you will be able to open spray cans of all rare types for free! Ranked Match Mode will be reborn as Radium Stadium and a new mode Hera Flame Iron will be added. In addition, various events will appear, including limited-time sales for “Alice” and “Noah” and limited-edition costumes for the Year of the Dragon! Let's enjoy the new lost light immediately!

Click here to download: https://lostlight.onelink.me/fUb0/d31e0385

Spray cans of all rare types can be opened for free.

With the arrival of the new season, spray cans of all kinds will be available for free. If you win the “Radium Stadium”, you can get radium items that can be exchanged for “Radium Diamonds”. You can replace the “radium diamonds” you obtained with spray cans.

[S8: تمثيل الظل خلف الكواليس]Invasion

The Survival Guide has been upgraded and the benefits have been doubled! In addition, a limited-time Dragon Year outfit, new gloves and charms will also be available! With the new season of Lost Light, we focus on improving quality and introducing various new modes. We will do our best to provide the best gaming experience for everyone at Hotaru. Thank you so much for your continued patronage of “Lost Light.”

Collect Hella Flame Iron and exchange it for valuable items

A new mode “Hera Flame Iron” will be added to the match mode. A stabilizer containing Hela Flame Iron can be activated outside of the duration of the laser storm, and fireflies can obtain Hela Flame Iron by activating the stabilizer. Moreover, if you analyze Hera Flame Iron with Hera Flame Iron Analyzer, you can exchange it for luxury items.

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