September 24, 2021


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Google Clock Error: A solution will come soon

Google Clock Error: A solution will come soon

There are some issues with the use of Google Clock Alarm Clock. The company is working on a revision to avoid breakdowns.

We entrust our smartphone with several tasks: manage the agenda, Shopping list, We are With the game, Follow traffic information, Or get up in the morning. Unfortunately, if you use the default Google Clock app on Android, you may have some trouble getting up: Continuous errors prevent the alarm clock from sounding correctly.

Internet users quickly questioned the functionality of playing Spotify music to wake up in the morning. In most cases, disabling the function makes it possible to put the alarm clock back on its feet. A Google representative officially responded.

Problem detected, bug fixed

Reddit, Certified Account Dedicated to Google Pixel Smartphones “Official Google AccountThe platform indicates that the problem has been correctly identified by the company. The adjustment is already in development and will be implemented very soon.

In the meantime, the company recommends changing the alarm clock settings, probably to eliminate contact Spotify. Hope to be fixed soon. One of the good things about the Google Watch app is its integration with Spotify.

If you’re tired of your classic alarm clock singing three different songs every two minutes, you can always turn to the original alternatives that best meet your expectations ….
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