September 30, 2023


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Costa with Starlink WLAN technology –

Costa with Starlink WLAN technology –

Costa Cruises has announced the launch of the next generation of WiFi connectivity aboard its flagship Costa Toscana with Starlink from SpaceX, the leader in LEO (low earth orbit) satellite technology.

The new service is already in operation and will provide Wi-Fi to Costa Tuscany guests as they explore some destinations in the western Mediterranean on her week-long cruises. After the Costa Tuscany, SpaceX’s Starlink broadband service will be gradually rolled out to the rest of the Costa fleet, starting with the Costa Smeralda, Costa Tuscany’s sister ship. Installation is expected to be completed on all vessels in Costa’s fleet by December 2023.

Starlink offers fast internet connectivity as well as global coverage to keep you connected even in the most remote areas. In addition, on-board web surfing is enhanced by sharing experiences in real time and without restrictions.

The benefits don’t just benefit the guests. The new service will improve connectivity between ships and shore offices, streamline various aspects of ship operations and make the cruise experience more seamless and efficient. On Costa Tuscany and soon on other Costa ships, guests have the option to purchase Pay Per Minute, WhatsApp, Social and Full packages, which include Starlink connectivity.

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