September 22, 2023


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New processors dispense with special technology

New processors dispense with special technology

Since the 12th generation Core i, Intel has relied on a new distribution of processor cores for its processors. This technology could be the future. But AMD makes it clear that in this case it will continue to swim against the tide.

AMD speaks in plain language: segmentation of desktop CPU cores is not planned

The so-called big.LITTLE architecture has been used in smartphones for like an eternity, and Intel has used a similar CPU core distribution in their desktop models since the last generation.

Idea: In addition to the normal performance cores, there are also so-called cores on the chip Efficiency cores to use. Although it achieves lower maximum performance, it reduces processor consumption when it is facing less demanding tasks – such as surfing the Internet or office work.

Even if the idea seems promising on paper, AMD currently has no plans to pursue a similar strategy in the desktop area – That makes at least one TechPowerup interview With AMD Vice President David McAfee making it unequivocally clear:

“I would say that when looking at the different core types, there are probably two overarching factors that we think about when looking at how they fit into our portfolio. One is the idea that P-Cores and E-Cores are being used by the competition. It is not the approach we intend to take at all.

Because I think when you get to the point of having base types that have different ISA capabilities or IPC or things like that, it becomes very complicated to make sure that The correct workloads are constantly scheduled on the correct cores. “

AMD could use a new CPU partition in laptops

According to McAfee, such a division of the CPU core results in, in his opinion, It simply does not make senseas desktop computers don’t have to deal with power limitations like laptops do.

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Then recognize that laptops More practical use case For such a division of processor cores. It remains to be seen if AMD will also use a similar strategy in the future, at least in the mobile segment.

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