May 21, 2024


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Oh: Canadian company Pattison relies on Broadsign

Oh: Canadian company Pattison relies on Broadsign

Pattison Outdoor Advertising, a Canadian OoH media owner with over 200 cities/locations in its portfolio, has acquired Broadsign's full OoH technology stack. Having already provided a central hub for its automated DooH workflow, the expanded partnership now allows Broadsign to dynamically manage Pattison's entire OoH inventory and unlock previously untapped revenue opportunities. Clients can now book campaigns on Pattison inventory using a more targeted, impression-based approach which, among other things, allows for faster deployment. The new platform helps Pattison automate manual campaign planning and add daily payments.

Broadsign's optimization engine works at a play-by-play or impression level based on each campaign's goals. Since the new platform went live in early March, OoH campaigns have already been executed by major clients such as Holt Renfrew, Lotto Quebec, McDonald's and Tim Hortons.

“As we evaluated our options, the Broadsign technology suite quickly stood out as the best solution, especially for our ad delivery needs,” says Jessica Littlejohn, director of digital innovation at Pattison. “It allows us to maximize revenue and revenue potential while ensuring we can deliver DooH programs programs seamlessly and without manual intervention based on client goals.”


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