September 16, 2021


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Coca highlights Atlético’s tenacity in the middle of a marathon of crucial matches

Coach Coca celebrated with the players and his teammates on the bench, Atletico’s 2-1 victory over Juventus, Sunday, in Caxias do Sol, and the result, in addition to snatching Gallo. Leadership an act Brazilian ChampionshipMaintain the momentum of the team with their eighth consecutive victory in the Italian Serie A. The coach said that the team received an award for its positive performance and breath to endure the marathon matches at a time when it was decided in other competitions.
Coca believes Atletico have shown the group’s focus and strength to face a heavy string of matches until the end of the season. “It’s been a long time since we won in the end, it was perseverance, perseverance and the search for leadership. That’s what the team achieved in the end. We have to celebrate, it was the eighth victory in a row we had, in a tournament like this.. It’s tough, with my day matches Sunday and Wednesday, a trip to Bahia, a trip to Belo Horizonte, a trip to Caixas do Sul, and now a trip to Argentina.

The captain gave credit to the players and all football staff for conquering the leadership thanks to a long winning streak – Gallo tied the 1977 and 1986 marks – with eight consecutive victories in the Brazilian national team. If we want to participate, guys, in the four competitions we won in Mineiro, we are the first team in the Libertadores, in the Brazilian national team, and we are among eight in the Copa del Rey,” he said.

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“It’s wonderful, it’s wonderful what people do. Of course there will be something missing, and that’s missing for everyone, the moment we make the most of it, because it’s so rare, we never know what tomorrow is, tomorrow can turn everything upside down. But today, We must be very happy,” continued the coach, who left some important players on the bench at Caxias do Sol, and was already thinking about maximum power against River Plate, next Wednesday, in Buenos Aires. by Libertadores.

“We managed to keep some guys who can play in fourth place with a longer rest, which is also important. It was a very difficult match, because the opponent has very strong marks, passing lines, forming a streak of five, sometimes six, with three leading and coming out. Quickly, with light players. You have to suggest the game and find a condition to offside and surrender,” he noted.