December 7, 2023


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SpaceCatch – Revolutionizing augmented reality gaming with Web3

SpaceCatch – Revolutionizing augmented reality gaming with Web3

By seamlessly integrating Web2 and Web3 technologies, SpaceCatch is poised to redefine the augmented reality gaming sector, creating an open gaming economy.

In the dynamic world of augmented reality (AR) gaming, SpaceCatch stands out as a front-runner, uniquely positioned to dominate the upcoming tournament. Unlike its competitors, SpaceCatch integrates Web3 features flawlessly, setting it apart from the crowded field of Web2 AR games. This uniqueness is demonstrated by the advanced augmented combat mode and innovative integration of players’ physical activity.

The game subtly motivates users to seamlessly integrate it into their daily routine, turning activities like commuting into opportunities to enhance the power of their avatar. SpaceCatch embraces both indoor and outdoor environments, offering a variety of gaming experiences tailored to suit individual preferences.

SpaceCatch It is an innovative mobile game that seamlessly blends Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 technologies. By embracing augmented reality similar to Pokémon GO, SpaceCatch goes a step further by incorporating blockchain and NFT elements, revolutionizing the gaming experience. Noteworthy is the open game economy, which enables players to have real ownership of the in-game assets they can trade. This unique feature attracts a diverse player base, including investors who are exploring new ways to make a positive or passive profit within the SpaceCatch universe. Interestingly, the $CATCH token does not function as an in-game reward token as seen in most cryptocurrency games. This reduces inflationary pressure while maintaining the value of the token.

What makes SpaceCatch stand out?

What really sets SpaceCatch apart are its AI-driven gaming missions. Leveraging extensive AI expertise, the team ensures a personalized gaming experience, creating missions based on individual player behaviour, levels and in-game activities. This commitment to player engagement is extended further through the revolutionary “Move to Profit” concept, with a focus on a minimum commitment that encourages frequent use of the app during physical activities.

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Not only does SpaceCatch promise the best gaming experience, it integrates seamlessly with the evolving Web3 landscape. The incorporation of NFTs, the concept of move-to-profit, and a marketplace to trade and interact with in-game items positions SpaceCatch as an example for the next generation of AR and Web3 games.

Token economy: $CATCH token

SpaceCatch’s innovative approach adopts a different strategy from traditional crypto games where tokens are used as in-game reward assets. $CATCH challenges unsustainable reward structures and protects holders from inflationary pressures. The code seamlessly integrates into the gaming experience, emphasizing value, utility and demand. $CATCH is available exclusively through direct purchase or staking, with a 20% allocation for staking and a five-year program that includes four semi-annual periods. Early users enjoy big rewards in the first year, with nearly half of the total rewards distributed. Dynamic staking encourages participation, offering higher CATCH rewards to a smaller number of stakeholders.

Code details:

Total supply: 100,000,000

Indicator: Catch

Chain: Ethereum (ERC20)

Community Tour: $0.06

Accepted payment: ETH, USDT, credit card (fiat currencies)

Game: Story

Experience the gaming revolution with SpaceCatch, where an engaging story awaits players. Immerse yourself in the saga of the alien invasion as you sign up to fight the unknown, unaware of the exciting adventure that awaits you. Using augmented reality technology, the game provides a vivid experience that captivates players from the beginning. Various missions form the core of SpaceCatch, offering a large number of side stories alongside the main plot. Completing quests not only yields traditional rewards like experience points, but also introduces the unique concept of NFT gear. Remarkably, players, whether they invest or choose the free-to-play route, can obtain these rare NFT sets. SpaceCatch is more than just a game; It’s a gaming ecosystem that ensures every player finds their niche.

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This fusion of classic and modern techniques promises a gaming journey like no other, incorporating concepts such as play to win and move to win. Welcome to a new era of gaming with SpaceCatch.

NFT economy

SpaceCatch is leveraging NFTs to add an extra layer of value to its gaming portfolio. The game offers a variety of NFTs, both non-amplified such as the exclusive Genesis NFTs, and amplified such as in-game boosters, enhancing player interactions and avatar upgrades. The initial NFT sale saw a very quick sale of 500 of the 10,000 tokens sold out in just 33 seconds.

The next sale is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024; Users can currently secure a spot in the SpaceCatch Triumph by grabbing $CATCH tokens before prices rise or rounds sell out! Explore the world of SpaceCatch NFTs in this detailed guide.

Get out

SpaceCatch stands as a pioneer, poised to redefine the gaming experience. Seamlessly integrating Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 technologies, SpaceCatch’s integration with blockchain, NFTs, and AI-driven tasks sets it apart from others. The $CATCH token challenges traditional reward structures, offering a unique value proposition. The game’s immersive story, commitment to player engagement, and innovative NFT economy position SpaceCatch as an example for the next generation of AR and Web3 games. As it continues to attract a diverse player base, SpaceCatch is emerging not just as a game, but as a leading gaming ecosystem, heralding a new era of interactive entertainment.

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