May 21, 2024


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The new release for PS5, Xbox and PC is ahead of schedule

The new release for PS5, Xbox and PC is ahead of schedule

“Gothic” is an absolute classic when it comes to fantasy role-playing games. The remake for PS5 and co will be released soon. You can pre-order the iconic RPG now – also in a very limited collector's edition.

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Pre-order a limited collector's edition for PS5, Xbox and PC

The gaming community is already excited about the “Gothic” remake. Now THQ Nordic wants to build anticipation with a very limited collector's edition. You can now buy these from Amazon PlayStation 5, Xbox Series And Windows computer pre order.

But it's worth being quick: there will only be 7,500 of them available worldwide!

You can also get a Collector's Edition for them from MediaMarkt PlayStation 5, Xbox Series And Windows computer pre order.

You can pre-order the “Gothic” remake here

According to the Amazon product page, the new version of the first “Gothic” game On December 31, 2024 He appears. So, if you pre-order the game now, you can get your hands on it in time for release and start heading back to the colony. The game is offline for PlayStation 5the Xbox Series Beside Windows computer Available for pre-order.

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By the way: there will be one before the remake is released “Gothic” re-released for Nintendo Switch. “Gothic Classic” was released for console on September 28, 2023 and is available for download in the eShop and in the physical version In the THQ Nordiq store available.

This is in the limited collector's edition

The limited collector's edition of the new “Gothic” edition is waiting for you Lots of physical extras. In addition to the game for PlayStation 5the Xbox Series Beside Windows computer You get the following content:

  • Sleeping mask as wall decor (width 34cm, height 24cm)
  • Notebook with genuine leather cover
  • Genuine leather bracelet
  • Soundtrack on disc

The Collector's Edition of the “Gothic” remake offers great extras in physical form. Photo: THQ Nordic

What awaits you in the new version of “Gothic”.

“Gothic,” developed by Piranha Bytes and first released in 2001, is a role-playing game set in a dark fantasy world. The player finds himself in a penal colony surrounded by a protective magical barrier. Within this barrier, different groups of prisoners fight for dominance while braving dangerous creatures and internal political intrigues.

The game is known for its complex and interactive world, where the player's actions have lasting effects on the course of the story and their relationships with other characters. For the remake, the developers promise – apart from improved graphics, of course – a modernized combat system and fix some of the glitches found in the original story. You can watch the trailer for the remake here:

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