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Gender Medicine, Games and Teresa Brouwer – 5 minutes

Gender Medicine, Games and Teresa Brouwer – 5 minutes

Posted on May 2, 2024 at 7:33 pm /©Pixabay/Stocksnap

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For written German, Austrian students are now able to choose between three subject groups. The focus was on a prose text by Präauer, games, virtual freedom and dealing with social diversity.

from Gerrit Chiro

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In the German Matura written competition on May 2, Austrian high school graduates had three subject groups to choose from. In total, the 41,300 young people who took the German Matura exam today had 300 minutes to write two texts. The following criteria are taken into account when evaluating a work: content, text structure, style and expression, as well as standard linguistic accuracy. The German Matura exam is the only part of the written school-leaving exam in which all Austrian high school graduates are given the same task.

Topic 1: “Five Girls” by Brauer and “Parkour at the Monument”

In the first thematic block, on the one hand, it was necessary to write an interpretation of the prose text “Five Girls” by the Austrian writer Teresa Brauer, and on the other hand, high school students had to write a commentary on the pilot of a project aimed at imparting culture to young people through the sport of parkour taking place. On the effects.

Topic 2: Virtual open spaces and protest actions

The second topic group had “games” as the main topic. Anyone who chose this had to first analyze the text of an article from the daily newspaper the press Write about virtual space as a self-designed paradise. The second task was related to virtual protests; The students had to write a comment on an article about protests in video games.

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Topic 3: Social Diversity and Gender Medicine

“Social Norms” was the main topic for the third block, which was available for high school graduates to choose from this year. The first task required creating an opinion speech on the topic of “Dealing with Social Diversity”, which was to be designed as a youth parliament speech. An essay serves as the basis for the text shortening To force normalcy. The second task of this thematic block was to summarize an article on the topic of gendered medicine, which criticizes the fact that medicine is overly oriented towards the male gender.

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