September 24, 2021


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The Antwerp striker scores five goals in the same match and the rival fans applaud him

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Duarte Tornese

Michael Fry scored all of his team’s goals in the win over Standard (5-2) and became the first player to reach the top of the Belgian league since 2002, when Wesley Sonk did the same in Genk’s 9-0 “sweep” by Miquelin.

Antwerp’s win on Sunday at Standard (5-2) was marked by the display of a bunch from Michael Fry. The Swiss striker, who signed this defense from Young Boys, scored all of Antwerp’s goals and became the first player to score five shots in the same Belgian league match since 2002, when Wesley Sonic scored a similar feat in the lead up to Genk’s five goals against Miquelin. -0. Interestingly, the “Manita” Frey was still far from the club’s record, which belongs to Van Ackollen and Voorhof: they scored eight goals against Ghent (92871929) and Lierse (1939-1940), respectively.

Fry was replaced in the 76th minute by a huge standing ovation from supporters… Standard and sorry for not reaching the sixth goal. “It’s a very special occasion. I’ve scored three goals in a match many times, but five… I never thought. I think the sixth goal could have been reached, but I understand the substitution because there are a lot of matches left. To thank the friendly applause from the fans. Standard and my team-mates help,” said the Swiss, whose fourth goal came after a assist from Portuguese Botta.