November 26, 2022


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Changes to the Laws of the Game for the 2021-2022 season

The assistant referees should pay attention to the offside shoulder. (Photo by Philip Lubrich)

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) has made some changes and clarifications to the Laws of the Game for the 2021-2022 season.

Like every year, theThe International Football Association Board (IFAB) Updated the Laws of the Game with some clarifications or changes. The most important of which are hand defects or the limit between the shoulder and arm for offside positions. But others can smile like the person on the posts. Small point about the changes in 2021-2022.

Law 1: Land

Everyone still remembers the famous Glasgow Square flyers. The youngest of them must have heard about the famous Champions Cup final on May 12, 1976 between AS Saint-Etienne and Bayern Munich. Well, square posts are still allowed. But the regulations stipulate that “Columns and crossbar shall be of approved material, and shall be square, rectangular, circular, elliptical, or a combination of these.”.
It will surely make you smile but for now, “The legs and crossbar of the two goals should have the same shape, which can be a square, rectangle, oval or a combination of these options” and of course the two goals should be the same!

Seventh Law: The duration of the match

Overtime refers to “lost” playing time, not overtime. “An illustration of the fact that, for example, if the pause in play at the end of a match is longer than the remaining playing time, the overtime played corresponds to the remaining playing time and not the length of the game pause”.

Law Eleven: Offside

The proposed definition has already been added in Law 12 of the boundary between the shoulder and the arm (lower armpit) to define what constitutes an offside position. The shoulder is not part of the arm. Therefore it is the part of the body from which a goal can legitimately be scored, which must be taken into account when determining the location of a potential offside. Good luck to the referees to determine if the player puts only the shoulder!

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Law Twelve: Faults and Misconduct

“All contact of the ball with the hand or arm is not an offense; the position of the player’s hand or arm in relation to the movement of the body in the case under examination shall be judged; references to teammates have been removed and an opportunity to score for cross hands constitutes an offense in the offensive phase.” It will therefore be necessary to determine whether the hand is voluntary or not, which may create some tense situations.

Among the changes to the Laws of the Game 2021-2022 is an important point about the fact of spitting or biting another player because A free kick or penalty kick can only be awarded for an offense against a person on the starting list (players, substitutes, substituted players, excluded players and team officials) or a referee..

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