November 26, 2022


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Brie Larson suspends YouTube activity to resume acting

The past year has seen a dramatic change in the lives of many of the world’s people who had to stay at home during the height of the pandemic. A moment of uncertainty during which actress Brie Larson took the opportunity to open her own YouTube channel, sharing with her fans some of her hobbies beyond her career on the big screen.

An experience that was undoubtedly rewarding for Larson, who currently has over half a million subscribers on the platform. Her casual style in front of the camera also proved to be a new option for those who are not used to being a regular YouTuber. However, the Oscar winner made an announcement that will undoubtedly make her followers very sad.

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The “Captain Marvel” translator indicated in her latest video that she will have to cut back on the number of videos she has been regularly posting to YouTube in recent months as she prepares for her return to acting. Although he indicated that his activity on the channel will not completely end, he will not be able to do it on a weekly basis.

“It’s my first anniversary, at this exact moment. I’m going to have to slow this down. I can’t keep up with my weekly videos. I have to go back to my job. My first job. My job as an actor. I’m sad about it,” Larson commented in front of the camera after revealing that his channel allowed him By showing himself publicly as he is in front of people.

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“This isn’t my last video. I’m going to do more, it won’t be possible with the weekly schedule. I like to do things, and I keep collaborating with people. The Learning Lots podcast will run every two weeks, so I hope you check it out,” Larson said. My best friend Jesse, it was a real treat.”

Brie Larson has recently been involved in a number of promising big screen projects, including “The Marvels,” the anticipated sequel to “Captain Marvel,” with her return to the MCU after appearing in “Avengers: Endgame.” Currently, the release date is set for November 11, 2022.

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