April 23, 2024


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Caggtus Games Festival enters the second round! This is how you can win tickets

Leipzig – The New Games Festival in Leipzig is entering its second edition! after “Cagtus“ 2023 is off to a great start, and organizers want to build on the success they had from April 5 to 7. Great for you: with a little luck, you can come to the festival for free.

The Caggtus Gaming Festival is entering its second round and invites you to play on a large scale again next weekend. © Leipziger Messi / Tom Schulz

Because TAG24 is offering 3×2 tickets for the gaming event at the Leipzig Trade Fair!

To participate in the draw, all you have to do is answer the following question: When will the Kagtus Festival be held this year in Leipzig?

Send us your answer with the password “Caggtus” and your email address to [email protected]. The deadline to participate is April 2 at 12 noon. We will contact the winners by April 3.

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The Games and Leipzig have been closely linked since 2002 at the latest. At that time, the Games Congress was held for the first time on the grounds of the Leipzig Trade Fair. The toy trade fair was so well received that it had to move to Cologne in 2009 due to lack of space. Dreamhack followed in 2016 with five releases through 2020.


Many creators are expected to return to the streaming space again this year. © Leipziger Messi / Tom Schulz

With “Caggtus”, the organizers now want to fulfill the community's desire for a new gaming event in Leipzig. The focus is not on introducing new games, but on the festival and the gaming experience.

Last year, the largest LAN party was held in Germany. This year you can play again for 68 hours from Friday to Sunday. There is also an entertainment and live streaming area.

Creators on the site include Liza Grimm, Hooded Wurm, Phunkroyal, and Baso.

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