April 23, 2024


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Please ask for advice on purchasing a 4K gaming PC

You can update DLSS manually in 99% of games

Once a new version is available, you can simply copy it from the game or download it:

It is simply replaced with the existing file. 99% of the time it is in the .exe path
Some older titles rarely get an update and you have to do it manually

Games that do not support DLSS FG but can support FSR 2.0 can be converted to use A, DLSS, and B, and can also use FG.
Depending on the popularity of the game, there is a mod for it very quickly > go to nexusmods.com to get it

If you want to use FG, you have to use it in conjunction with Nvidia Reflex because FG creates input lag or comes with input lag from the old frame rate. The generated frames are not real frames.

Once FG is turned on, Vsync is disabled in-game. You then have to force this again via the nvidia control panel! Then cover the FPS with NVCP or with rivatuner (set Framecap to “Nvidia reflex”)

This is not a configuration recommendation, but you should still take it with you

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FG = frame creation

In nvidia it is called FG and in AMD it is called Fluid Motion

The graphics processing unit (GPU) creates intermediate images. That's pretty much what TVs have been doing for several years.

This allows you to “bypass” the annoying CPU limit or simply get more out of it if your FPS is too low.

But be careful: generated frames do not replace real ones. The original 142fps is better than 142fps, and no small portion of it may have been generated by FG/FM. The input lag of the original frames remains almost non-existent. Depending on the game, there may also be artifacts or other errors in the image.

This is useless for competitive gaming. However, for single-player games, the 142fps rate, of which 40fps is generated, is still better than the original 100fps. Especially regarding reflection.

Solution: Nvidia Reflex (amd has it too, afaik, but it's called something different)

FG is officially only possible with nvidia of rtx 4000. Of course it's chicane. 2000 and 3000 cards can do this too. You need a mod for this if you still have one of the old maps.

The number of frames per second generated by the FG depends a little on the engine and how much air your GPU still has. When the GPU is already firing on all cylinders, there's not much left to do

In DD2, for example, I got at least 45 fps and thus “improved” the CPU limit a bit. At least 45 because I have a max of 120 ^^. So there could be more, but it can't be much more. The average is about 40-50%+

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