March 29, 2023


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BlackBerry Passport 2 with 5G Phosic Keyboard

The last BlackBerry was released in mid-2018, Key 2. The company is undergoing major changes. DCL no longer holds the licensing rights for BlackBerry smartphones and will no longer be able to build more devices with a physical keyboard from 2020; Onwordmobility now holds that trademark. Without knowing their signature style, it is not clear what kind of device will be made by this new partnership or when they plan to release it!

O BlackBerry Passport2 5G Is a design concept D Designer, It has the same iconic design of the popular 2014 BlackBerry smartphone. Advanced physics keyboard on the new model and Screen 4.5 “square with diagonal.

BlackBerry Passport 2 Physics Keyboard

BlackBerry Passport 2 Dual Room Waterproof Smartphone

The original passport had a single front camera and a rear camera. With the front camera, users can only take 2 megapixel photos; In the back, however, they were able to capture some shots Quality Higher than 13 megapixels. This year’s exclusive OnwardMobility interview with Nikki Asia revealed the intention to launch the BlackBerry 5G phone in 2021!

The BlackBerry Passport has made a huge breakthrough in the era of modern smartphones. The rear camera is fitted with dual lenses, a width and an ultra wide angle that perfectly complements its square screen without distorting or blurring images from all angles! For those who like to write messages on body keyboards I was impressed when I saw that they lowered the surface of the frame to keep their keyboard different and have more space for them to see.

The new BlackBerry is the perfect choice for motion adventurers. It is water resistant and can be used on all levels like mountains or the sea!

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BlackBerry 5G phone

There are many more questions about this growing BlackBerry smartphone. The story began in mid-2020, when OnwardMobility was launched Press Release The new device is said to be launched in North America and Europe in the first half of 2021.

It was also clear from this communication that the new BlackBerry was running on the operating system Android – Available on all BlackBerry phones since Prive was launched in 2015. However, it is not yet clear whether the new model will be released Android 11 Or another version.

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In addition, OnwardMobility has mentioned that it will provide the device with 5G support. While all the reputed smartphone manufacturers have already released several 5G models, this is the first BlackBerry 5G phone. This will significantly support the new device in the future.

Another detail was published in the press release; Physics keyboard confirmed. This has always been an important feature of previous models. However, it is not yet known how the keyboard will be integrated. It can be a standard keyboard – as we see in Ts Designer concept design. However, as we have already seen it can also be a sliding keyboard BlackBerry Private.

The news release seemed promising, but the first half of 2021 is over. However, there is still hope.

Ability to progress

Last week, the pre-engagement plan was unexpectedly released, where interested parties can Registration Monitor product growth closely. The page shows that the new smartphone is still in development.

The question is whether it will really be a 2021 model or should we be patient until 2022.

That page is ‘BlackBerry 5G Smartphones’ – Plural is interesting. We can conclude that there are several models in this. However, there is no information about the differences between them.

Passport 2

What is OnwardMobility?

OnwardMobility is an American company headed by CEO Peter Franklin. The company already has experience in the field of mobile security software for businesses and governments. So, we can assume that the new BlackBerry smartphone will have professional security features – for which the brand is always known.

In the field of hardware, the American company has very little experience. As a result, Onward Mobility has found a partner in FIH Mobile Limited, a subsidiary of Foxconn in Taiwan. FIH Mobile Limited is well versed in the manufacture of mobile / wireless communication devices and equipment. FIH is also involved in 5G, IoV (Internet of Vehicles) and AI (Artificial Intelligence).